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Chuna (chuna)
Home City Balmora
Location Lucky Lockup
Race Argonian Gender Male
Level 3 Class Bard
Other Information
Health 46 Magicka 108
Alarm 90 Fight 30

Chuna is an Argonian bard living in Balmora. He can be found at the Lucky Lockup club in the Commercial District of town, where he works as an entertainer playing lute and drums on the stage. He is not performing at the moment though.

He is wearing a common shirt, with a matching belt and pants, and he wields a silver dagger. Like all Argonians, he is immune to poison, has a resistance to disease, and can breathe underwater; otherwise he knows no spells.

When asked about latest rumors, he will tell you: "Fast Eddie was complaining the other day about how he was overlooked for advancement in House Telvanni. Again."