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Estinan (estinan)
Home City Tel Branora
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Level 7 Class Enforcer
Other Information
Health 59 Magicka 94
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Faction(s) House Telvanni Retainer(Retainer)

Estinan, a Bosmer enforcer and Retainer of House Telvanni, is one of the five Bosmer who is accompanying Trerayna Dalen in her "siege" of Tel Branora. Mollimo of Cloudrest will offer you a 1000 gold bounty to kill Trerayna, and should you accept this offer, Estinan will dutifully defend her mistress when you attack her.

She wears a bonemold cuirass, greaves, and bracers, a Native Armun-An Bonemold Helm, both iron pauldrons, and a pair of steel boots. She carries a dwarven shortsword. Aside from her natural resistance to disease, and the ability to command animals, she knows the spells Soulpinch, Clench, Spirit Knife, Dread Curse: Health, and Stumble.

Just like the other Bosmer in her group, Estinan will suggest that you leave as soon as you begin your conversation with her: "Here's a little advice. No charge." When asked for advice, she will explain the situation a bit more to you: "Stay clear, outlander. Trerayna Dalen is our mistress, and this is a high Telvanni affair."

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