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List of Libraries[edit]

Here is a list of all the major libraries in the game, sorted by location. This does not include private book collections in homes, Temples or Guild Halls.

Library Location Book Titles Skill Books Book Total Owner Faction
Holamayan Azura's Coast [19,-4] 31 4 79 Gilvas Barelo Dissident Priests
Library of Vivec Vivec Temple 47 1 283 Tribunal Temple
Hall of Justice Secret Library Vivec Temple 57 10 205 Brerayne Raloran Tribunal Temple
Hlaalu Records Vivec Hlaalu 36 0 82 House Hlaalu
Redoran Records Vivec Redoran 32 0 88 House Redoran
Telvanni Tower Vivec Telvanni 28 3 98 House Telvanni