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Morrowind box art, with the five Great House names along the edges and "ASV"—the Tribunal initials written in Daedric letters—in the banner corners
Setting Vvardenfell, Morrowind
Time Period 3E 427
Developer Bethesda Softworks
Release Date
1 May 2002
Release Date
6 June 2002
Release Date
31 October 2003
Xbox One
Release Date
17 April 2018
Morrowind GotY Edition box art
Morrowind Platinum Edition box art

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is the third installment in the Elder Scrolls series. The game takes place on the island of Vvardenfell, a district in the Dunmeri province of Morrowind. It is smaller in scope than the previous games in the main series, Daggerfall and Arena, yet much more detailed. This epic, open-ended RPG allows for a wide variety of character designs and playstyles. The game continues to be sold two decades after its initial release, partially due to the widespread mod community which has the potential to supply Morrowind with new content in perpetuity. The Xbox 360 and Xbox One are backwards compatible with both the standard and GotY editions of Morrowind.

Morrowind Game of the Year Edition is available for download from Steam and

Quest Information

  • Quests — Detailed guides related to all major and minor in-game quests, including those of the central storyline
  • Plugins — List of all the official expansions and plugins for Morrowind
    • Tribunal — Featuring Morrowind's mainland capital city of Mournhold, Tribunal takes you from the island of Vvardenfell into a new realm of excitement and daring, focused on the bitter intrigues of both the reigning clergy and nobility
    • Bloodmoon — In this second official expansion pack, you find yourself thrust into a wild, gleaming white world of snow and ice on the remote and perilous island of Solstheim

Character Information

  • Attributes — A guide to the attributes that define your character
  • Birthsigns — A guide to the birthsigns, their granted abilities, and in-game influence in Morrowind
  • Classes — Guide to the game's built-in character classes, both for the player and NPCs
  • Level — Explains how your character gains levels and how to make the most of each one
  • Races — A thorough explanation of the defining characteristics of each race found within Morrowind, including their starting attributes and special abilities
  • Skills — A definitive guide to character-based skills, with descriptions where applicable

Gameplay Information

  • Alchemy — A thorough guide to the process of alchemy
  • Artifacts — A complete and descriptive list of all magical items and artifacts in Morrowind
  • Combat — A guide to the combat system in Morrowind
  • Crime — Information about the laws of Vvardenfell and how to stay on the right side of the authorities
  • Diseases — A complete catalogue of all diseases contractable within the bounds of Morrowind
    • Vampirism — Complete guide to vampires in Morrowind featuring information on becoming a vampire, vampire clans, how to cure vampirism, and vampire-based quests
  • Enchanting — An exhaustive guide to every aspect of enchanting items
  • Items — Listing of items with more in-depth info
  • Magic — A basic guide to understanding and using magic
  • Making Money — Tips on how to earn a few extra coins on your travels
  • Reputation — List of quests that give you fame points
  • Shrines — Tribunal, Imperial, Daedric and other shrines
  • Spell Effects — An all-inclusive list of spell effects in the game
    • Spells — A complete list of all purchasable spells in the game
  • Starting Out — A list of hints to help you start your adventures in Vvardenfell on a good note
  • Stealth — Info on the art of stealth and its uses
  • Differences Between Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim — A guide containing the main differences between the three games, and useful tips for adapting

World Information

  • Books — A categorical list of all books and other in-game literature; includes contents of all noted titles
  • Creatures — A concise directory of all in-game creatures, including their statistics and combat strategies
  • Factions — A detailed guide of all facets related to in-game factions
  • Houses — A list of the best locations to take up abode or simply turn into a museum
  • Master Trainers — A list of trainers which may raise a skill to its maximum level
  • NPCs — Listing of all non-player characters in the game
    • Essential NPCs — A list of NPCs that are considered "Essential" by the game
    • People — A definitive catalogue of all major NPCs in the game
    • Trainers — A list of the various trainers, and the skills they train, in Morrowind
  • Places — A guide to the towns, cities, caves, and ruins scattered about Vvardenfell
    • Maps — Assorted interactive and reference maps of in-game geographical features
  • Services — A comprehensive directory of the various services offered in Vvardenfell establishments
  • Slavery — An overview on slavery, its use in Morrowind, and related quests
  • Spell Merchants — A complete list of spell merchants
  • Transportation — A definitive guide to the various modes of transportation available in Morrowind. Notes both methods of transportation and their destinations.

Guides and Secrets

  • Game Manual — The official game manual
  • The Morrowind Prophecies — The official Morrowind strategy guide
  • Cheats — Various cheats to modify and manipulate your game
  • Hints — All sorts of gameplay hints to let you play the game in a more comprehensive way
  • Easter Eggs — Funny, out of place, or reference-related non-bug findings

Technical Information

  • Overview — Hardware requirements and related topics, such as resolution and aspect ratio
  • Console — A guide to using the console on the PC version of Morrowind
  • Linux — How to run Morrowind on Linux
  • Patches — Patches by Bethesda Softworks
  • Xbox — Information specific to the Xbox versions of the game

Mods and Modding

  • Mod Assets
    • Tamriel Data — The shared asset data repository used by Tamriel Rebuilt, Project Tamriel, and other compatible mods.
  • Mods — Content and gameplay information about player-created mods for Morrowind
    • OpenMW — A new game engine for Morrowind and associated file formats
    • Tamriel Rebuilt — A major work to create mainland Morrowind
    • Project Tamriel — A collection of province mods to create the rest of Tamriel
    • Morrowind Rebirth — A total overhaul for Morrowind adding a lot of new locations, NPCs, creatures and items
  • Modification — Information about installation and management of player-created mods
  • Modding — Technical information about creating your own mods for Morrowind

Previews and Reviews

  • Quick Info — Review a brief summation of technical data including the minimum system requirements, a gameplay synopsis, and various useful links
  • Concept Art — An archive of concept and rendered art created during the game's development
  • Interview with a Dark Elf — A fascinating interview with a Dark Elf from Morrowind (as written by Bethesda employees) concerning both his homeland and people
  • Screenshots — A collection of preview screenshots released by Bethesda, including several showing versions of the game prior to release

Miscellaneous Information

  • Credits — A list of people credited by the game
  • Development Team — A list of all the people involved in developing the game
  • Elder Scrolls Historical References — A list of references to past Elder Scrolls games
  • Engine Bugs — Obscure bugs that can provoke crashes
  • Glitches — A variety of broken or missing features in the game
  • Links — A directory of Morrowind-centric sites
  • Loading Screens — Information that appears while the game loads
  • Music — Information about Morrowind's soundtrack
  • Unused Content — Content that is unreleased, scrapped, or unavailable to the player through normal gameplay
  • Voice Actors — List of the actors who provided voices for Morrowind's NPCs
  • Wallpapers — Official wallpapers, available in various sizes

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