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Ondi (ondi)
Home Town Khuul
Location Thongar's Tradehouse
Race Nord Gender Female
Level 9 Class Knight
Training Axe (57)
Heavy Armor (52)
Long Blade (52)
Other Information
Health 111 Magicka 78
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Faction(s) Imperial Legion 5(Knight Errant)

Ondi is a Nord knight and Knight Errant of the Imperial Legion located in Thongar's Tradehouse in Khuul.

She is a medium trainer in Heavy Armor, Axe and Long Blade once you rise in the ranks of the Imperial Legion.

She wears an Imperial chain cuirass with matching coif and greaves. She also wears a common shirt with matching pants and shoes and she carries a leveled axe. Aside from her natural resistance to shock, immunity to frost, ability to shield herself, and a natural frost damage spell, she knows the following spells: Free Action, Balyna's Antidote, Cure Poison, Seryn's Gift, Resist Fire, Resist Cold, Resist Common Disease, Resist Frost, Resist Magicka, Rest of St. Merris, Balyna's Perfect Balm, Strong Heal Companion, Troll's Blood, Veloth's Grace, and Restore Strength.