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Taros Dral (taros dral)
Home City Vivec, Arena Canton
Location Hidden Area (See map)
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Level 15 Class Assassin
Other Information
Health 114 Magicka 140
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Faction(s) Morag Tong Brother(Brother)
Taros Dral

Taros Dral is a Dunmer assassin working for the Morag Tong at their secret hideout under Vivec's Arena Canton. Speak to him about sensitive matters to receive Mephala's Quest. He wears a netch leather cuirass with matching boots, cloth bracers, a common shirt with matching pants, and a rare Morag Tong helm, one of only three found in-game. He carries a fiend tanto, a chitin short bow along with 15 arrows of wasting viper, and five treated bittergreen petals related to the quest he gives. Aside from his natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by his ancestors, he knows no spells.

Related Quests[edit]


  • Greetings:
  • "Greetings. Perhaps you can be of some help to me. There are sensitive matters to attend to."
  • "What is it, %PCName? Have you completed the sensitive matters we discussed?"
  • sensitive matters:
  • "The great Daedra Mephala has given me information that must be acted on. If you would be willing to work with me, I'm certain Mephala would be grateful."
  • I would like to help.: "Excellent. There is a member of our brotherhood living in Balmora, Balyn Omavel. He has been...freelancing, if you will. This is unacceptable, and he must be removed. Unfortunately, his brother is a rather important member of our brotherhood, so it would be difficult to bring it to the attention of the others. Use this poison in his food. It acts swiftly, as should you." (Five Treated Bittergreen Petals will be added to your inventory)
  • I do not wish to be involved.: "I understand. I trust you will speak to no one about this. Mephala would be most displeased, and her reach is great."
  • "You have been given your task, %PCName. You should complete it before Mephala is angered."
  • "Unfortunately, you were seen going into the house of Balyn Omavel. Mephala is not pleased. No matter. I will find someone more competent to complete this task. Goodbye." (Goodbye)
  • "You've killed him in a way other than was described? That was unwise. Mephala is not pleased. Leave here." (Goodbye)
  • "Well done. Mephala wishes to speak to you directly. This is a great honor for you. Approach her altar."
  • "There is no more to say about this matter."