Morrowind:The Scroll of Fiercely Roasting

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Find this artifact in the shrine of Ashalmimilkala, on the west coast.
Quest Giver: Lalatia Varian in Ebonheart
Location(s): Ashalmimilkala
Prerequisite Quest: Ice Blade of the Monarch
Next Quest: Skull-Crusher
Reward: Gauntlets of Glory, Scroll of Fiercely Roasting
Disposition: +5/+10 (Lalatia Varian)
Reputation Gain: +1/+2
+5/+10 (Imperial Cult)
ID: IC28_Urjorad
Required Rank: Acolyte
The scroll, and the luckless Urjorad

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Lalatia Varian at the Imperial Chapels in Ebonheart for an Oracle's quest.
  2. Travel to Ashalmimilkala to recover the Scroll of Fiercely Roasting, last carried by Urjorad.
  3. Kill Carecalmo and his bodyguard, Meryaran.
  4. Find the body of Urjorad, and the scroll, by levitating up to a ledge within the ruins.
  5. Return to Lalatia to complete the quest.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Oracle's Quest[edit]

Lalatia Varian at the Imperial Chapels in Ebonheart will ask you to recover a powerful artifact, the Scroll of Fiercely Roasting. The scroll was last carried by the healer Urjorad, who went to the Daedric shrine of Ashalmimilkala to avenge his master's death. Lalatia will also ask you to complete the quest that took Urjorad's life if you want: slay Carecalmo, the shrine's ancient Altmer priest, and his powerful bodyguard Meryaran.

The Scroll of Fiercely Roasting[edit]

Ashalmimilkala is on an island on the west coast, northwest of Hla Oad and west of Balmora. If you come south from Gnaar Mok along the island chain, you will come to Addadshashanammu first; Ashalmimilkala is farther south.

Once inside the shrine, you will have to deal with a daedra and Meryaran. Past them is a room with a statue of Mehrunes Dagon. If you want to get the scroll without facing Carecalmo, exit through the tunnel to the right. This will take you to a pool with a couple of slaughterfish. From here, you can levitate/jump to another opening leading to Urjorad and the scroll. If you want to face Carecalmo, you can drop down to the water below or go back the way you came and enter his chamber through the other exit from the room with the statue.

Return to Lalatia Varian with the scroll for an increase in Disposition and Reputation. If you killed Carecalmo and Meryaran as well, you'll receive the magical Gauntlets of Glory and be able to keep the scroll.


Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

The Scroll of Fiercely Roasting (IC28_Urjorad)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
1 The Oracle has sent me to the Daedric shrine of Ashalmimilkala to recover a powerful artifact called the Scroll of Fiercely Roasting and to return it to her. If I choose a greater challenge and risk, I may try to use the scroll instead to slay Carecalmo, the shrine's ancient High Elf priest, and his powerful High Elf bodyguard Meryaran.
50 ☑Finishes quest The Oracle thanked me for giving her the Scroll of Fiercely Roasting. She left the matter of trying to slay Carecalmo and Meryaran to my judgement, since, as opponents, she thinks they may be too great for me. She told me to speak to her again when I am ready to undertake another of the Oracle's Quests.
55 ☑Finishes quest The Oracle says that by killing Carecalmo and Meryaran I have avenged the deaths of the healer Urjorad and his master Dro'farahn Stiff-Neck, and rid the world of a great evil. As a reward she gave me the Gauntlets of Glory. She told me to speak to her again when I am ready to undertake another of the Oracle's Quests.

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