Oblivion:Andre Labouche

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Andre Labouche
(RefID: 000C5728)
Location Aerin's Camp
Race Breton Gender Male
Level 1 Class Spellsword
RefID 000C5728 BaseID 000C56E4
Other Information
Health 0 (Dead) Magicka 175
Andre Labouche

Andre Labouche was a Breton spellsword who was definitely under-qualified as a mountain climber. You will find him already dead at the bottom of a cliff at Aerin's Camp near Dive Rock. Specifically, his corpse is located directly north of Aerin's Camp, hidden on the northwest side of two large rocks and right at the base of the cliff (map).

On his body is a note from his daughter Fiona beseeching him not to undertake this journey. His equipment is not really suited for mountaineering, consisting of a red velvet garment and a black & burgundy outfit with fur boots and a helmet. He also carries a pickaxe and precisely 53 gold.

In life, Andre would have been able to make use of a leveled set of Spellsword spells from every school except Mysticism as well as an additional leveled Illusion spell.


  • Sometimes Andre's body may be missing. This will happen if the player visits Aerin's camp or any other location that causes the cell to be loaded, but doesn't see Andre. 72 hours later when the cell resets, the body will vanish.