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Oblivion:Cap'n Dugal

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Cap'n Dugal (RefID: xx0178BB)
Added by Thieves Den
Location Captain's Quarters, Dunbarrow Cove
Species Skeleton Soul LeveledL:+6
Level PC+6 Type Undead
RefID xx0178BB BaseID xx011ADA
  • 4+(lvl/2) pts melee, unarmed
Other Information
Health 23xlvl Magicka 0
Respons. 0 Aggress. 100
Faction(s) Necromancers; UndeadFaction
The mortal remains of Captain Torradan ap Dugal

Cap'n Dugal is a skeleton and all that remains of Captain Torradan ap Dugal, who in life described himself as "Scourge of the Abecean Sea, Terror of the Gold Coast, Cutthroat of Hunding Bay, and Lord Captain of the Red Sabre - the finest band o' buccaneers and pirates e'er to sail Tamriel."

Dugal was a pirate who preyed on the shipping of the Gold Coast until defeated in battle by Commodore Fasil Umbranox, an ancestor of the present Corvus Umbranox. In that battle, some time around 3E 266, he was trapped under a rockfall created by Umbranox's mages and lived the rest of his days trapped underground. His death seems not to have diminished his devotion to his ship.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Dunbarrow Cove: Uncover a famous pirate's lost ship and claim it as your own.