Oblivion:Chapel of the Brethren

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Chapel of the Brethren
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Chapel of the Brethren

Chapel of the Brethren is a small chapel in the southern part of Hackdirt. It is dedicated to the worshipping of the Deep Ones.

Etira Moslin preaching to Hackdirt's people
Chapel room

Very little is known about the mysterious Deep Ones except that they lived in the Hackdirt Caverns and brought welfare and fortune to the small mining town. The only tidbit of information is a quotation from their Bible: "He taught me his language and his runes." Since the Bible is written in Daedric, it can be suggested that these mysterious entities are Daedric in nature. The citizens with the strongest beliefs have moved into the underground caverns to be closer to the Deep Ones. The townsfolk refer to these citizens as the Brethren and the chapel is named after these sun-fearing beings.

Every evening when the clock strikes 8, the entire population of Hackdirt will gather around in the chapel and silently listen to cult leader Etira Moslin recite passages from the Bible of the Deep Ones. The Bible is a unique book written by Irlav Moslin - the founder of Hackdirt and one of the original worshippers of the Deep Ones - in 3E 345. Because of these suspicious practices, the town was overrun and burned to the ground by the Imperial Legion thirty years ago. In the chaos, the Bible disappeared but recently surfaced once again. Etira Moslin managed to translate it, leading to the new cult activities with the goal of reviving the Deep Ones and reinstating the wealth and fortune of Hackdirt. Despite the chapel's name, the real Hackdirt Brethren are not allowed to set foot inside.

Like the rest of Hackdirt, the chapel is still worn-down and sooty from the invasion thirty years ago, both on the outside and inside. The chapel room itself is barebones and only contains six worship pews and a podium where the Bible can be found. A ladder leads up onto the rooftop of the chapel. No altars are present in the chapel. Taking the Bible is not considered stealing until after the topic The Brethren appears.


Etira Moslin General (Moslin's Dry Goods)
Jiv Hiriel
Marlena Brussiner
Natch Pinder
Vlanhonder Moslin Food (Moslin's Inn)Innkeeper