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Algot the Northerner – Bruma problems[edit]

Okay, so I followed him to Bruma to check if the written departure times were correct. He was another midnight-traveler, but that is not the problem. I’m having difficulties making him visit the Countess at 7pm as described. While it is true that he leaves the Jerall View Inn at 7pm, as soon as I follow him out, he will just enter the inn again. If I wait for him outside, he will come out – and go back in. If I wait for him at the castle he will return to the inn as soon as he sees me – if he even arrives. What is the problem here? I smell a PlayerNear package or something, but that just seems odd. Still, it would be good to solve this mystery and get the facts straight.


  • Why will he not visit the Countess like he is supposed to?
  • How long was his “visit” to the castle supposed to last/When was he supposed to return to the inn?
  • The page describes the Countess’ location as the Lord’s Manor, which is where Algot was supposed to go. That is not true. She eats in the dining area from 8pm. Was he supposed to finf the Countess or just enter the Lord’s Manor?
  • Could the above problems be caused by any quests started?

I hope somebody will look this up in the CS – because it is quite impossible to figure out in-game. --Krusty 17:31, 3 June 2010 (UTC)

Point 1... Dunno. I can't make him do it but I don't know why it won't happen. I tried changing the package to a Find rather than a Wander; adding him to the Castle faction; changing it to a "continue if PC near"... I just couldn't make it occur.
The visit is supposed to last 5 hours from 7pm, so until midnight in other words.
Yes, the package says Wander near Countess Carvain in the Lord's Manor - that's where she starts and so that's where he goes looking.
Don't think so.
I've spent too long on this now. I'll have another look later but I don't know what else to try... rpeh •TCE 14:10, 4 June 2010 (UTC)
This is preliminary, but I think the problem is twofold. First, there's a distance requirement that Algot be less than 400 units away or in the Jerall View in order to go find Narina. I believe once he leaves the inn, he's more than that number away, so he stops trying to see her. Second, she seems to be through a locked door at 7pm, so he can't get to her in any event. That's all I can tell right now, but hopefully rpeh will be able to follow up on that. Robin HoodTalk 20:06, 4 June 2010 (UTC)
Okay, I have checked Algot’s ordinary schedule, his Misdirection schedule and made the necessary changes. Page is almost finished but we still need to figure out how to deal with his Bruma trip. I suggest removing the Countess from the section and pretend that he will only spend time at Jerall View Inn. We definitely need an exact bug description, but, based on the above observations, I have tried my hands on a possible bug note:
  • While in Bruma, Algot was supposed to visit Countess Narina Carvain at Castle Bruma between 7pm and midnight. Unfortunately, Algot rarely makes it to the castle because his distance requirement is 400 units and every time he leaves the Jerall View Inn, he realizes he is too far away and simple heads back inside the inn. Players fast-traveling to the Castle at the above times might experience Algot and Narina together, but Algot will always head back to the inn as soon as you get near.
Also, the section says: “Due to a bug, he will not leave Bruma during the Bruma curfew, but will instead wait out the duration of his stay. He will, however, lock himself in his house in the Imperial City if he is not on his trip during the Bruma curfew.” I have no idea what that means, but that bug should probably be explained and tested at some point. Until then, I do not think the schedule is “checked”. --Krusty 10:27, 22 September 2010 (UTC)
Right so I checked up a few things regarding this rather complex fellow. I can confirm the <400 units requirement prevents him from reaching the castle. I did some quick vectorial calculations (they're actually useful outside the classroom!!) and the distance between him and the castle door (let alone the countess) as soon as he steps out is in the order of 4000. The figures are approximate because I assumed positional vectors, but the idea is, he's nowhere near close enough. I'm not too sure about the fast-travel thing, but tbh, that feature just screws everything up ;)
With regards to the "bug" of him staying in IC instead of heading to Bruma when the curfew is on, I personally don't see it as a bug. Basically between stages 30 and 32 of MQ13, he just wanders around his editor location, which is in his home, locking and unlocking the doors at the beginning and end of the package. Because he's then missed his departure time he just skips the trip. Clearly the same will happen even if curfew is on at a different day other than the 3rd. A more interesting question we might want to test is whether he heads back to IC if he's in Bruma during those stages.
Apart from that, I think we're pretty much good to go :) --SerCenKing Talk 12:38, 11 April 2011 (UTC)
Thanks for checking up on the loafer from hell! I have tried my hands on a bug description for the 400 units-oddity and checked the schedule. I also agree with you on the Bruma Curfew. It is not necessarily a bug, and as such, is too complex to explain - Algot's page is big enough already! ;) --Krusty 14:17, 11 April 2011 (UTC)