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This is an archive of past Oblivion talk:Permanent Retirement discussions. Do not edit the contents of this page, except for maintenance such as updating links.

Killed Adamus

I killed Adamus and his bodyguard outside the coast guard station with no guards present and still got a hefty bounty. Was a pain in the butt trying to pay the bounty, had to dispose of an Imperial Watch at the waterfront because he started beating on a beggar when I outran him. - Also noticed Taleandril hanging around in Leyawiin, near where Adamus swims. This prevented me from killing him during his recreation, because she would jump into the fray on my side when the guards came running, and I really didn't feel like having her die on my account. -What appeared to be a very straightforward quest for me turned out to be a big hassle.  :) -After I killed Adamus I just waited until after 8pm that day and the guard left. This allowed me to grab the finger un-noticed. Not sure where this should go or if it is repeatable.

Killing without bounty

It looks like there is an easy way to avoid the bounty. I drank the invisibility potion immiediately after I shot, but before the Rose of Sithis hit swimming Adamus and didn't get any bounty.

Black Horse Courier

Does this item only come into play if you fail to earn the bonus? Reading the paper seems to suggest that the next Legion Commander hasn't got the message of the finger in his desk. I am assuming that the reason this item never appeared in my game is because I did earn the bonus and the new Legion commander stops the press. -- Necaradan666

Bodyguard Suicide

Anyone have more details on when or where this should happen? It's been quite a while since I knocked off Adamus and his bodyguard still walks around town and sleeps soundly at the barracks -- Necaradan666

Both the suicide and the newspaper only take effect when you fully complete the mission. In other words, not until you return to Cheydinhal, report in, get your reward, and have the quest moved to your list of completed quests. At that point, the bodyguard's suicide is triggered and one copy of the newspaper appears in the Black Horse Courier offices. Both occur whether or not you leave the severed finger in place. However, other copies of the newspaper (those distributed by the couriers) will not appear until after you complete the next DB quest. --NepheleTalk 12:35, 11 April 2007 (EDT)
Sorry for an old reply, But I just looked into this, and I couldn't find him either. And I had just become Listener in the DB. So I acually killed every guard in a big riot in the barracks, and found out his bodyguard was among them. I searched his body for a suicide note, And nothing. I don't think his suicide occurs on the 360 version. Lucky the Cat Guy. 06:06, 3 July 2009 (UTC)
Yes, it does! I am on 360 and I found him dead with the note. Try redoing the quest. SwedishBerzerker at 10:08, 3 July 2009 (UTC)
I just checked out the TES and it turns out the necessary variable that triggers the bodyguard's death is set when you talk to Ocheeva. This is just stupid. It should be set in Adamus Phillida's script (Dark09AdamusScript), like this:

Begin OnDeath

Set Dark09Retirement.Suicide to 1


I mean, why would the bodyguard wait for you to return to Ocheeva? Doesn't make any sense at all. WRFan 02:54, 5 October 2009 (UTC)

Second Assassin

It is possible to not have to kill Adamus at all. Wait long enough and the Brotherhood apparently sends another Assassin to do the job, a female Altmer archer, when she attempts to kill Adamus the guards will attack her, possibly preventing her from achieving her goal. Adamus can be blamelessly killed in the crossfire.


Complete the Malacath Daedric Shrine Quest, but don't kill the guards. The Guards will follow you to Adamus, no matter what another Assassin will attempt to kill Adamus when you arrive with the mine guards in tow. This apparently sets off a massive riot as everyone in the area( civilians, guards, Mine Guards, fighters guild members, even the count or Countess if they are outside the castle) will attempt to kill everyone else regardless of side, except strangely you, if you hit anyone they will protest they are on your side. It can be a safe bet that Adamus will die in the riot, leaving you to blamelessly cut off his finger. As a good plus you can loot the armour and valuables off of the piles of dead.

I've moved these two comments here from the main article. I've never heard of a second Dark Brotherhood assassin, so I'm not sure who this supposed second character is. Do you have a name for the character? Are you running any third-party mods that add new NPCs? As for the second tip, I really doubt that the Malacath mine guards are in any way necessary to trigger a riot. Not to mention that triggering a riot killing everyone in town really isn't an effective way to complete this quest, given that countless NPCs will get killed in the process. --NepheleTalk 23:28, 9 August 2007 (EDT)

I think that second assassin is Telaendril. She's a female Archer and Altmer/Bosmer females look alike especially when wearing a hood. Going to Leyawiin is part of her routine so whoever mentioned that must have got lucky and had her for 'backup', though I still don't know how he got her to attack Adamus. --Sundaroct131088 04:00, 30 August 2007 (EDT)
I've seen this happen multiple times in my and my friend, for some reason Telaendril attacks (or gets attacked by) the guards for no reason. We tried reloading, but we couldn't prevent it from happening, so we had to just let it happen. Thank god she's a useless character.Lovless510 02:34, 17 June 2009 (EDT)
Happened to me too, and it was Telaendril as well. She was in D.B. armor and she attacked Adamus when he was out of the guard post - on the road. She failed. I wasn't in combat with Adamus or anything. I had met her before in Leyawiin but she wasn't on D.B. armor of course. I can only assume that Telaendril does this cause of disposition difference between Adamus and D.B. members. 08:50, 28 February 2010 (UTC)

The Finger

The page states that if you take the finger out of the desk after the quest is finished, it becomes a quest item, however this seems unlikely because taking the finger is not required, and so should not ever become a quest item. Also, that very same finger is sitting on a plate in my house at the Imperial Waterfront, and I am the Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, and got every bonus. Darkle 16:48, 16 September 2007 (EDT)

Yep, the finger doesn't start out as a quest object and there are no scripts that ever turn it into a quest object. So I can't see any evidence to support that statement. I've deleted the entire note from the article, because it didn't really provide any other useful information, IMO. --NepheleTalk 23:56, 19 September 2007 (EDT)

Adamus Missing

On Xbox 360 there is a chance that Adamus Is Missing. The marker will state he is in the Leyawiin Barracks - which he's not. He isn't out swimming either. My guess it that he's fallen through the 3D Environment into the water below, and is just wading. No known fix as of yet.

Sorry, but following the quest marker to a single location and concluding that Adamus is therefore missing and has fallen through the floor grid seems like unsupported speculation to me. Especially coupled with no information about what might have caused this problem or what to do about it: I don't see any way that this tip in its current form is going to help a reader. --NepheleTalk 01:48, 2 February 2008 (EST)

Easy way for low lvl sneak players to get the bonus

I just walked right in and got stopped by guard and resisted arrest and ran to desk then yield to the guard and payed fine Gdogg79 22:48, 13 April 2008 (EDT)

master sneak

is it possible to kill him while he has armor on if you are a master of sneak when you use the rose on him? It makes since because sneak attacks bypass armor rating. (could someone test this with like the construction set i can't cause i play xbox)

It wouldn't work. The Rose of Sithis is scripted to automatically kill him only when he is not wearing his armor (or when he is in one of the specific places, can't be bothered to check.). You can still kill him when he's wearing armor, he's just usually surrounded by bodygaurds. Killing him with the rose is not required to get the bonus. Hope this helps Dr. Kilereren 13:20, 29 July 2008 (EDT)

Two Suggestions that Don't Work

I've moved these two from the article:

  • Another way to eliminate Adamus and his bodyguard with 0 bounty is to wait between the city gate and the coast guard house until they emerge from the city. Simply taunt Adamus by using one of the first two topics and he and his bodyguard will attack you. Since they attacked first, the bounty will not occur, however, it may prove a challenging fight.
I tried this three times. Each time the Leyawiin City Watch outside the gate joined in and I wound up with a bounty of 3000 drakes.
  • Another way to avoid a bounty is to fire your arrow, and then while it is in mid-flight, immediately fast-travel out of the area. Once you've arrived at the new location you will get the quest update, and have no bounty; however, if you return and encounter Adamus' body guard, he will recognize you and attack.
Again, tried this three times. Doesn't even kill him. –RpehTCE 14:09, 16 September 2008 (EDT)
The second one worked for me (I added it). I haven't tried again, but for what it's worth: I was well-hidden and in sneak mode; and the location I fast-travelled to was the city gate. I also wondered whether it would make a difference how soon in the arrow's flight I exited. Did you try waiting until the arrow was almost at its target? 21:33, 16 September 2008 (EDT)
Perhaps the arrow hit it's target before you fast travelled, but you were fast enough to get away before his bodyguard could catch you. Legoless 14:23, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

Apples have odd effect

ok, so i gave him a poisioned apple and waited 12 hours(game time) for him to eat it and when i got the update that said he was dead i went into the barracks to get his finger all the gaurds turned hostile and i got a bounty..has this happend to anyone else?-- 23:40, 15 February 2009 (EST)

Going into the Leyawiin city barracks is a crime within itself. You will get a bounty, not one for Adamus' death.–VeltasTE

Rose of Sithis turns bodyguard?

I tried to get a clean headshot on Adamus, but the arrow missed, hit his bodyguard, and he proceeded to kill adamus for me! Not sure why. He then proceeded to attack me!

Now that's verry interesting never heard of that. Ima try it.

Article cleanup

I don't see why the summon/poison method of murder was removed. It seems less convoluted than some of the other suggestions, is easy to accomplish, doesn't rely on a glitch, and never causes the player to earn a bounty. — Unsigned comment by (talk) on 12 June 2009

As you can see a cleanup tag has been placed requesting the removal of all those convoluted suggestions. The problem is that the paragraph has been turned out into dozens of way for avoiding a bounty, which is only 40 gold. --Timenn < talk > 05:42, 12 June 2009 (EDT)

I understand that, but the cleanup tag was placed and only that specific method was removed. I think it should have been left there to be reviewed with the general article cleanup, or at least moved to the talk page for review. My problem is not with the cleanup tag, but with the removal of that specific tip, which was as valid (or invalid) as the rest on the page.— Unsigned comment by (talk)

I meant to add it to the talk page when it was removed, but clearly I forgot. Can't hurt to have it on the talk page as long as we're reviewing the other suggestions. –Eshetalk 17:04, 12 June 2009 (EDT)

Thanks :-) Now, relating to the article cleanup, I can see a few methods listed which still cause the player to earn a bounty. I think these should be the first to go because they seem to be the most superfluous. Specifically, I am thinking of:

  • Another way to get the guards to kill Adamus is to attack his bodyguard first, then get in between Adamus and his bodyguard and turn invisible. Adamus will accidentally strike his bodyguard, who will then strike back. A fight then ensues between Adamus, his bodyguard, and the approaching city watch. Adamus and his bodyguard will both get slain. You can watch it all safely from a veil of invisibility. When they're dead, just loot their bodies and you're golden. Plus, you get to save the unused Rose of Sithis as a trophy for your house. There is a chance also the arrow will be found on his corpse after shooting him with it.
  • If you go down the stairs to the left of the pool you will find a spot where you are unseen by Adamus' guard. Equip the rose of sithis and kill Adamus as he walks down the stairs. Now select wait and wait a good 12-14 hours (any shorter and his guard will remain.) Loot Adamus, then go talk to a guard. Pay your fine then go back into the dungeon and open the evidence chest and take out everything that was taken from you, including the finger.
  • You can also kill him with a headshot, using the Rose of Sithis while he's sleeping in the barracks.
  • If you don't mind the 40 bounty and are a member of the Thieves Guild, you can just pay it off through a Doyen. Since the bounty is only for assault rather than murder (since the actual death is scripted), guards will not attack you on sight. However, Adamus's bodyguard will attack you if you go within sight of him after killing Adamus (he won't come after you on his own though), leading all other guards to follow suit.

These methods all seem to cause at least a 40 gold bounty. I understand that 40 gold is nothing gameplay-wise, but it is interesting to have a list of bounty-free methods available to players who enjoy roleplaying an assassin who gets away with crimes, rather than blundering through an assassination and ending up having to pay a fine. (edit: I created an account so I'm not just an IP)

As for cleaning up the article, I think the suggestions involving the Cowl of Nocturnal should be condensed into one point, essentially saying "If you have the Cowl of Nocturnal, remember that it can be used to avoid bounties, and draw guards to you, including Adamus." Listing each and every way to use the Cowl seems redundant, since one of it's main abilities is to effectively absorb bounties. Not to mention, it requires completing an entire, separate quest line; I would consider that complicated enough to limit its usefulness. One mention should hopefully be enough.Lovless510 02:34, 17 June 2009 (EDT)
We usually try to not put roleplaying suggestions on the actual articles. Instead, it would be best to generalize those comments and place them on the Oblivion:Roleplaying/Assassin page. --Mr. Oblivion(T-C) 04:18, 17 June 2009 (EDT)

Summon/Poison Method

(moved from main article for review) –Eshetalk 17:04, 12 June 2009 (EDT)

Make two of the stronger multiple effect poisons, then summon a creature (something strong enough to survive for a while, but weak enough not to Adamus and his guard). Punch the creature near the bodyguard until it attacks you and he will rush to your aid (as will Adamus). Quickly hit each of them with the poison once, making sure you hit the bodyguard first. They'll scream "I'm on your side", kill the summoned creature, and eventually drop dead. No bounty, no hassle.

Scripted Bodygaurd fight

I think that the bodygaurd is scripted to attack you once Adamus dies... not just if he sees you kill him, because I poisoned him with the poison apple], and once adamus died, and I was waiting next to him, the bodygaurd attacked me.--Arch-Mage Matt 02:43, 6 August 2009 (UTC)

He is. After Adamus dies, if you are less than 1001 "units" away from him and he can fully detect you, he will attack. –rpehTCE 07:49, 6 August 2009 (UTC)
I added a note to the bugs section of the main page. It seems like a bug to me, since the idiot will attack you even if you reverse pickpocket a poisoned apple on Phillida. How does the bodyguard know you killed Phillida? It just doesn't make any sense! This is what happens:

1) Reverse pickpocket a poisoned apple on Phillida. Wait a couple of days. You get a confirmation message that Phillida is dead.

2) Cast Chameleon 100 spell on yourself, approach the bodyguard. He will not be hostile. You can talk to him about Phillida, he will state that he failed his duty bla bla bla

3) Dispel Chameleon on self. As soon as the bodyguard sees you, he will turn hostile, even if you don't have any bounties on your head. All NPCs will side with you, obviously, because this bodyguard is completely insane. All guards will side with the bodyguard due to faction affiliation.

4) Cast Charm 100 in a 50 feet radius and yield to the bodyguard and any guards helping him. They will immediately turn peaceful and walk away as if nothing had happened. What the hell? They just attacked an innocent citizen they are supposed to protect! All of them should be jailed! What is this, some fascist regime where police can do whatever it feels like? What happened to democracy?! lol. Citizens have rights, after all. They can't just approach you and hit you, the morons! And you know, when they attack you, they are shouting, "You should have paid the fine". Well, there is no bounty on my head, you morons!

Beware that if you have 100% reflect damage and kill the bodyguard or any other guards by reflecting their own damage, this may actually incur a bounty. Stupid bugs! WRFan 02:17, 5 October 2009 (UTC)

Please, can you lay off the excessive ranting? No one likes bugs, no need to hear what you think of them. --Timenn-<talk> 09:02, 9 October 2009 (UTC)

Rose of sithis (moved)

When my friend got the Rose of sithis he found Adamus without his armor on and he fired the arrow of sithis at his stomache and it hit but it didn't effect his health. He then appeared in his armor with sword in his hand and chased my friend around the town.— Unsigned comment by (talk) on 22 August 2009

Easy method

Moved from article

I was quite amused when i found the most simple way to kill him just shoot him (with or without armour) without anybody else seeing you (including civilians) and he will come after you when he hits you guaards and civilians will atack him (aslong as he is the only one that knows you atacked him first). I'm not sure if it works in exactly that way but it worked for me— Unsigned comment by (talk) at 17:07 on 1 January 2010

This is rather doubtful. I can't recall having heard anything like this. In my experience they always know it's me. I haven't tested it with this case, but I think the anonymous user was quite lucky. Talk Wolok gro-Barok Contributions 23:42, 1 January 2010 (UTC)


Tried nearly every single way to kill him and no matter what, even when i'm invisible/cham. and under sneak, or poisen apple, every guard always attacks me. How can i fix this?— Unsigned comment by (talk) on 3 January 2010

Maybe his bodyguard sees you. The bodyguard will always attack you if he sees you once you have killed Phillida, even if he didn't see you staging the murder, and since he is in the same faction as the standard guards then they will always fight by his side. If you're trying to get his finger or go to the sanctuary, you can try casting a powerful Chameleon spell for a brief moment or stack chameleon effects until you have 100%. Invisibility won't work because it would get dispeled once you exit Phillida's inventory (although if you just want to travel to Cheydinhal, then it's better to use inv). --MC S'drassa T2M 23:39, 3 January 2010 (UTC)

Help please! Right ive killed adamus but i cant get his thumb i can take everything else but his thumb help? what do i do?

rose of sithis "armor bug", moved from article

This description is wrong, and the workarounds are fairly absurd. Pickpocketing the shield alone doesn't change anything, and successfully pickpocketing an entire suit of Steel Armor requires a ridiculous amount of exploit/uber abuse and retries - far more than simply retrying the shot.

  • Sometimes the Rose of Sithis does not work to kill Adamus, even while he is swimming and apparently wearing no armor. The problem appears to be that he is still carrying his shield in his inventory (although it is not visible when looking at him), and therefore his armor rating is not actually zero. If you can first pickpocket the shield off him then the Rose of Sithis works. However, the shield can only be pickpocketed after he has taken off his armor, so the times when it is possible are limited. Also, he is very likely to notice the pickpocket attempt and prevent it; high Sneak skill and partial Chameleon are necessary to be successful. If you are able to walk on water, simply make sure that you are not visible in sneak mode and pickpocket him while standing on the surface of the water. However he is still very likely to see you and stop you.
  • Another way is to get just a little bit in the water and equip the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal. Then pickpocket the shield and run away for a short distance. Then unequip it and wait a day till he's swimming in the water since the shield doesn't respawn in his inventory nor does he pick another one up.

I just attempted the swimming kill--the rose didn't work (it did the same damage as a regular arrow), and he DID NOT equip his armor (note: I have the unofficial patch installed). Clearly there's more to this bug than is currently stated on the wiki page. The shield issue would seem to be a plausible explanation, but I currently don't have the necessary skills to pickpocket it off him and find out for sure. Also note that reloading a save game and trying the shot again did NOT fix the issue (I tried 5-6 times with the same result).UnknownSoldier 10:10, 12 April 2011 (UTC)UnknownSoldier
I will check this later when I can. Off-hand I am not sure how the script runs, but it seems plausible that a shield could cause the problem, assuming that it checks armor rating. --DKong27 Talk Cont 15:17, 12 April 2011 (UTC)
Pickpocketing shield worked for me. (on xbox 360). Dont know if its the same on all systems.
Just tried this. On PC, I forced Adamus to equip his shield but no armour. I then shot him. No instant kill. Tried again with no shield, instant kill. I will also try on Xbox when I have the time. --Manic 22:26, 9 August 2011 (UTC)

Really weird way to kill Adamus

I just finished this quest like 3rd time, but I used Gray Cowl. Here's the story. I arrived at Leyawiin, and found Adamus outside. I thought what he would say when I equip the cowl. However, he didnt make it to speak me, bodyguard did. I resisted arrest, ran like 100 feet, unequipped cowl and yielded bodyguard. What happened? All guards near situation attacked Phillida for some odd reason. I watched the fight between Adamus Phillida and 3 town guards. Guards won, and log updated. I didnt get bounty or anything. Anyways guards still attacked me after they finished Phillida but I just yielded them. Should this be added for alternate killings or does this even work for everybody? Boxhead 22:07, 22 June 2010 (UTC)

Another odd way of completing this quest.

I found a very interesting way to kill Phillida. The Rose of Sithis was not working for me. I tried to pickpocket the shield from him and failed. He then proceeded to attack me, then his bodyguard started attacking Phillida for some reason. They fought until the bodyguard was dead. I then attacked Phillida until he was dead and no guard once attacked me. I did end up with a bounty of 65 for pickpocketing and assault. A small price to pay to get around the Rose of Sithis not working.

Moved note

  • The Rose of Sithis can be duplicated, if you are concerned about bad aim and want more than one shot at Adamus.

I don't see why this is noteworthy. Feel free to re-add it if you feel otherwise. --AKB Talk 04:18, 21 February 2011 (UTC)

No bounty way of killing Adamus.

Get into the guard tower Adamus sleeps at(get there about 4 hours before Adamus gets there) night and hide in the room to the far right as you enter. Once there save(must be undetected) there are points where you can get into that room without being spoted by guards just wait it out sometimes when you leave guards will follow you out. Now the best thing to do while waiting is kill any guard that goes to sleep in the room he sleeps in. This will not only keep you preoccupied while waiting but makes it easier to move around with less guards being alive. Before he got in I killed about 4 guards no bounty because I did it very sneaky. When he goes to bed there his guard will be waiting outside the door. Simply kill him while in sneak mode and go in the room and kill the Adamus. Make sure you one shot kill him or that's 40 bounty. Then you can just walk away.(suggest putting diffculty to easiest) But yea this way you won't get caught and get free access to his ring. Plus now the guard won't have to commit suicide. Again multiple sets of armor, keys to the castle and kill of Adamus without bounty. What I mean by this is since the guard is dead he can't catch you unlike other places like in the pool where he is directly looking out onto the pool. With him dead in this way no guards will see you as we all know Adamus's guard is scripted to attack you on sight if Adamus is to die, this way he is dead therefore no chance he will attack.

You do realize that this would work everywhere? I do this every time at the place you are supposed to and get the 40, its bugged to where you get it most of the time. Plus the fact that its extremely difficult to not get a bounty killing the other guards, as they can instantly give you a bounty, completely defeating the purpose.--Catmaniac66 04:08, 17 May 2011 (UTC)
Response: I've tested the method at level 3 and it works you can kill up to 7 NPC guards and Adamus himself gaining his armor their armor keys, and more. Killing the guard first makes it so he can not attack you.— Unsigned comment by Jmartinez323 (talkcontribs)
P.S. 7 NPC kills/murders 0 bounty.— Unsigned comment by Jmartinez323 (talkcontribs)
...As I stated, even if this is somehow possible, you suggest killing 7 guards and managing to get no bounty, just to have a hidden place to kill him. Which can be simply be achieved by killing him in the recommended place. Especially if you have to "lower the difficulty". And his bodyguard respawns anyways.--Catmaniac66 05:17, 17 May 2011 (UTC)
Despite the fact that you say it works, the problem is that it is realistically impossible for a low leveled character to kill a guard without a bounty. They are leveled 10 levels over you, making their skills much better, and if detected, even for a second, they will instantly assign an assault bounty due to their 100 responsibility. --DKong27 Talk Cont 13:09, 17 May 2011 (UTC)
Is any of what you two said even based on facts, like I said level 3 Level 41 marksmen easy difficulty and I easily dealt with 7 guards and remained undetected none of what your saying matters, I didn't say it was the only way to do it but it is a way that you can kill him and 6 other NPC without getting bounty wheather you can do it another way is honestly irrelevent, I found it harder to kill him at the pool without getting a bounty then I did doing this method. PERIOD and if I found it easier I'm sure others will too. On that level 3(now level 4) I have 51 murders and my largest bounty is 0 maybe something I'm doing works you know? If you have high sneak and high marksmen boosted with the right equipment this is the easiest way to do it because the his personal guard can't catch you as he could at the pool. When they are at the pool the guard is literally staring dead at the pool from the stairs...I tried for 2 hours to find a no bounty way to kill him at the pool including using methods you two just listed and everytime his guard caught me, but when I killed him in the guard tower it took 10 minutes...Remove your responses and stop trolling me? This is simply a tip for players to use, Try the method yourself before you troll? — Unsigned comment by (talk)
Edit: Obviously the point is to 1 hit all the NPC and adamus but this way if you do it right you can 1 hit them without the possiblity of being seen the sneak attack bonus helps so much.— Unsigned comment by (talk)
Edit2: Adamus's guard is scripted to attack you if he sees you after Adamus dies no matter if he saw you do it or not. That is why the guard commits suicide after the quest so that later he won't attack you. When he respawns he won't be scripted to attack you.— Unsigned comment by (talk)
The problem with this is
  • it only works at low levels
  • only works if your a bowmen
  • only works by chance
  • even if you do this you just made the quest 8 times hardar by having to kill 6 (or maybe its 5?) more pepole Wolfy 16:09, 19 May 2011 (UTC)
This is a method used by myself to get 0 bounty for the killing and looting of Adamus, there might be other ways to do it but this is the way I've found most easy. Killing Adamus at the pool is known to give you a 1000 bounty randomly, also when your looting Adamus at the pool it is possible you get attacked by Adamus's guard as he is scripted to attack the player should Adamus die, no matter if he sees you do it or not.(This is why oblvion kills off the guard via suicide so that when he respawns he will not be scripted to attack) What your going to want to do is lower your difficulty to maybe about 1/4 of the bar or all the way down if you want. You'll also need a high sneak like 50+. Go to the guard barracks located near the castle's main door in Leyawin. There are two doors Once you walk in(make sure your not spotted, may take a few tries to get inside without any guards being on the bottom floor) sneak into the room on the bottom floor without the bed(save there incase you walk out and a guard spots you). Adamus will normally go into the room with the bed at about 12AM-1AM however you should get inside the tower 3-4 hours prior to this. When Adamus is in the room sleeping his guard will stay just out side the room and stare straight ahead. Since your in the room to the Left of him you could sneak out and 1-shot kill him with your Bow or sneak up behind him and stab him but you must 1-shot kill him.(with low difficulty this shouldn't be a problem if you use your highest attack skill to kill him ie blade or marksman, i've yet to try magic). After he is dead and your not spotted if you want to be safe go back and save but next you can sneak up to Adamus and 1 shot him, he is stronger then his guard so just because you 1 shot the guard don't mean you'll one shot him. Bring some poisen to poisen your next attack, pull out your enchanted weapon make sure your first hit does as much damage to his health as possible.(I used shadow hunt, steel arrow, a poisen that damages health 10 points and 1/4 difficulty at marksman level 51 and level 3 overal and that did the trick) Now You must know sometimes when he is in the bed he is wearing his armor so the rose might now be able to be used even though that shouldnt matter since you have to one hit him with damage alone to prevent the bounty. Once You've one hit him take his finger and loot him and his guard if you like and sneak out.
Note: If your in the room prior to killing him or before he even arrives you can peak out and kill guards that happen to go to sleep in that room and as long as you 1 shot kill them you can loot them as well taking their armor without getting a bounty as long as another guard doesnt see you do it. You must 1 shot or else you will get bounty in all cases. If you noticed outside in a open area even if you one hit a guard you will most of the time get a 1000 bounty, this way no matter what you won't get bounty as long as you one shot them without being spoted. — Unsigned comment by Jmartinez323 (talkcontribs)

() I think the confusion is with the bounty you get for killing him at the pool. If you are hidden, and hit him with the rose of sithis, you only get a 40 bounty. That is why it is the recommended method. As a wiki Im pretty sure we arent going to list killing a large amount of guards with 1 shot to avoid the bounty, just to avoid a 40 bounty and the guard not attacking you.--Catmaniac66 20:38, 17 May 2011 (UTC)

Ah I see yea sure fair enough, I mean it is possible to not kill any of the guards I just like to because I have one character that has 0 murders and 202 fame 0 infamy so I thought I'd make one without any fame tons of murders and keep my largest bounty as 0 as well.
Edit: I'm wierd that way.
Edit2: Tested method on a new character, and something even more reassuring happened. So I killed 2 guards in the room I was talking about and no one saw or reported me as they were 1 hit kills. So I walked out of the room and a guard sees me, I'm thinking I'm done but then something happened, the guard checks the dead guards turns to me and says "your trespassing leave now." It's as iff he didn't know it was me, that means he wasnt scripted to know the player killed the guards unless he saw you, it was a common guard. This means you can kill Adamas and his guard and as long as no one sees you do it and they are 1 hit kills you can get sighted after the killing and walk away.
Edit3: By the way I don't see why this method couldn't be posted it's a quest about murdering an npc, what is 3-5 other npc's that RESPAWN. At low levels the arrows, armor and other loot could be quite useful. Also the method listed on the site already suggests you lower your difficulty honestly this way is much better as it works every time leaving less to chance. This method is better then the one listed for several reasons, For one if you do this method properly you will get the same result every time because A his location and his guard's location is fixed at the same time every day and B the scripts in motion should Adamus die and you are spoted by his guard he will attepmt to kill you, two everytime you shoot him with the rose the rose's initial impact must kill him or else you get a 1000 bounty even if your undetected or at least a 40, there are to many varibles near the pool this method you control the outcome before it happens, to many people walking around near the pool to many guards out walking around and could possibly spot you while my method you are in an inclosed space with far less varibles once again you just need 50+ sneak and to lower your difficulty, If you have invisibility you wouldn't even need the sneak level...— Unsigned comment by Jmartinez323 (talkcontribs)
Seriously, who cares? This is sort of like with Umbra, everyone wanted to point out ways to kill her to the point that trying to sift through the recommendations is a pain in the ass. I honestly could not read this topic as it was virtually impossible to read past the spelling errors, the pointless arguing over it, and all of the many, many alterations to this conversation over its life time. There is no real point to continuing this, if you really wish to kill this person so badly without getting a bounty I am sure you will figure it out on your own. So please stop this nonsense, no one can read it, no body is quite sure what is going on, and this is pointless. If you really wish to discuss this this badly take it to the forums or something. --AKB Talk Cont Mail 16:29, 19 May 2011 (UTC)
Yea somebody take this note out, I created it, if no one wants to listen to the method just deleted it and I'll keep my reccommendations to myself. DELETE THIS I"M THE CRATOR OF IT. — Unsigned comment by Jmartinez323 (talkcontribs) at 16:44 on 19 May 2011 (UTC)
As tempting as that sounds... I believe we need to keep a record of this conversation. No matter how much I would wish to see this go away we need to keep records of what has happened on the wiki, this is why we can't delete user profiles, as if we did we would lose their edit history. So unless someone much braver than I wishes to go through this conversation and find if there is anything noteworthy in it, I suggest we all just ignore that this ever happened. --AKB Talk Cont Mail 16:44, 19 May 2011 (UTC)

I offered a suggested method to completing permanent retirement without getting a bounty that has worked every time I used it, if you considered that noteworthy simply clean up the post by leaving 11th paragraph other wise delete the whole thing because other then that it is a series of "listed flaws" in my method over and over again by different people whom have never even tried it. Again what use is the same post four times over? (also clean this little post out as well) If you don't think the method is worth its wieght on this page simply remove the whole thing as everything in this post is in refference to it.

The worst problem is this "plan" you have is well kind of pointless, you turn the level down low enough and you can one shot everything in sneak so I don't belive it should be added as it is just common sense that turning it down makes it easy heck turn down the difficulty in the pool area and you CAN get away with it (you may never have but billions of others have) save you the trouble of having to do all this waiting The plan is okay for you, you can keep using it, it just dose not belong on the wiki, there are 100000000000000000 ways to kill him we cant put evrey one. Wolfy 20:20, 19 May 2011 (UTC)

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