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Defeat the leader of the Stormfists that attacked the meadery.
Zone: Eastmarch
Objective: Voljar's Meadery — Help get Voljar's Meadery back in business.
Quest Giver: Yraldar Snowpeak
Location(s): Voljar's Meadery
Prerequisite Quest: A Friend in Mead
Reward: Voljar Meadery Trousers
Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Low
Good riddance
Yraldar Snowpeak was wounded trying to drive the Stormfist soldiers away from the meadery. He wants their leader, an Orc named Kazok, dead and his head on a pike. He asked for my help.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Yraldar Snowpeak.
  2. Defeat Kazok gro-Nogremor.
  3. Return to Yraldar.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Yraldar is standing amid the hay bales when you enter the meadery, clutching his side.

Yraldar:If I hadn't taken a dagger in the ribs, I'd deal with these damn Stormfists myself!

Player:You must be another one of the Snowpeak brothers.

Yraldar:I'm the tough one! I've taken down some of the Stormllst soldlers, but their leader Kazok still lives. He's the one that killed poor Inga. As long as he's allve, these bastards won't leave! Someone needs to plant Kazok's head on a pike!

Player:I can help with that.

Yraldar:Kazok's camp is up the path behind the barn. Take out more of his troops along the way and that ought to make Kazok angry enough to appear and face you. When he shows up, kill him. Then we can stick his head on one of these pikes!

Player:Gruesome, but probably effective. I'll take care of it.

Yraldar:An Orc head on a pike will be great for business! It shows that this meadery is safe and that the Snowpeaks are as tough as nails!

Make your way to the camp. When you arrive, Kazoc will yell "My axes hunger for blood!" Kill him, then Yraldar will arrive, saying that he saw the whole thing. He will leave, saying as he goes that you still need to put Kazoc's head on a pike.

Meet Yraldar by the barn.

Yraldar:I can't wait to tell Haraldar that this Kazok bastard is dead.

Player:What did you do with Kazok's head?

Yraldar:Nothing yet, but it needs to get stuck on one of these pikes. That's where it belongs. You should do the honors. It's only fair, since you defeated him and all. That should put the fear of Shot in the rest of those Stormfist lackeys.

Player:Very well, I'll do it.

Do so.

Yraldar:Ha! That is a thing of beauty. Kazok's head never looked better!

Player:I hope that sends the message you wanted.

Yraldar:It might be ugly, but nothing says security like an 0rc's head on a pike. Haraldar will be pleased that! um, that we took care of Kazok. It's small comfort for the loss of his wife, but he'll appreciate anything that helps the meadery.

Yraldar will then leave, saying "Now we can put this meadery back together again. Thanks!" This completes the quest. If you have also completed A Friend in Mead, than this completes Voljar's Meadery.

Quest Stages[edit]

A Brother's Revenge
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start I need to defeat Kazok gro-Nogremor. He's the leader of the Stormfist soldiers that killed the Voljar family.
Objective: Defeat Kazok gro-Nogremor
Objective Hint: Head for Kazok's Camp
After I defeated Kazok gro-Nogremor, Yraldar came up and took the dead Orc's head. he wants me to meet him down by the barn.
Objective: Talk to Yraldar by the Barn
Yraldar wants Kazok gro Nogremor's head on a pike. That should dishearten the remaining Stormfists and keep them away from the meadery. He wants me to do the honors.
Objective: Stick Kazok's Head on a Pike
☑Finishes quest With the leader of this band of Stormfists dead, Haraldar's wife has been avenged and the meadery should be safe now. I should talk to Yraldar.
Objective: Talk to Yraldar Snowpeak
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