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Help a mother find her missing daughter.
Zone: Malabal Tor
Objective: Tanglehaven — Help the people of Tanglehaven.
Quest Giver: Treethane Dailithil
Location(s): Tanglehaven
Reward: Greaves of the Wolf-Father
High Leveled Gold
Drublog Orcs attacked the village of Tanglehaven. Treethane Dailithil said the survivors barely managed to fend them off. After the massacre, the surviving Tanglehaven militia chased the Drublog into the forest—including Firwin, Treethane Dailithil's daughter.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find the Tanglehaven militia.
  2. Talk to Firwin.
  3. Examine the spring.
  4. Talk to Treethane Dailithil.
  5. Defeat Thulendor.
  6. Talk to Firwin.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

To start this quest, speak to Treethane Dailithil in Tanglehaven, a town northwest of the Bloodtoil Wayshrine. The village barely survived a Drublog raid, and she is comforting the villagers who lost children, even though her own daughter is among the missing. The town's militia left to avenge the town, but they've been gone for a long time. Her daughter, Firwin, went with them. You promise to bring them back.

Head west and find a pile of charred bodies. Upon searching it, you discover a melted amulet that must have belonged to a member of the militia. You take the amulet, then cross the mini Drublog camp to find Firwin.

She doesn't want you near her; she's been bitten, although she won't say by what. She doesn't think her mother would claim her and says the militia did something to defend the city. She needs to get to the spring, but she worries about what might happen if she gets scared again. You volunteer to follow her to the spring.

Hircine's Mercy[edit]

Examine the spring, and the aspect of Hircine addresses you. He will grant you his "gift" if you drink from the spring, as Firwin did. The aspect senses she fears the new gift she took willingly. He will be merciful if she can save her mother from the same fate. Firwin needs to "take the heartblood from her sire." If her mother drinks it, she will be saved, but there is no escape for Firwin. She belongs to Hircine now.

Talk to Firwin. She doesn't understand how her mother can be in danger in the village. She doesn't want to speak to her and asks you to tell her she died. She doesn't want her to know she's become a "monster." She think she might be able to defeat her father, but she suddenly transforms into a werewolf and runs off.

Head towards the village, and talk to the Treethane. She was searching for her daughter when Firwin's father, Thulendor, came back and bit her. She understands that she will eventually become a werewolf.


When you tell her that Firwin is alive, her daughter runs down the hill to her mother. Talk to Firwin. She accepted lycanthropy from her father in order to save the village. The bloodlust overcame her, and she tore into everyone—"friend and foe alike." She could never forgive herself if she attacked someone in the village. She asks you for your help defeating her father.

Follow Firwin south across the shallow pond. Thulendor awaits, in werewolf form in front of another glowing spring. Defeat him as Firwin changes back and forth into her werewolf form. She kneels by her father's body, runs up to the spring and addresses it, then runs to her mother.

Talk to Firwin at her mother's side. She promises to ensure her mother recovers and gives you a reward.


  • If you are a werewolf, at the end of the quest you will say to Firwin, "I learned to master Hircine's Gift. So can you."

Quest Stages[edit]

A Father's Promise
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Hidden Objective: Search for Tanglehaven Militia
Objective: Find the Survivor
Objective: Talk to Firwin
Objective: Examine the Spring
Objective: Talk to Treethane Dailithil
Objective: Ask Firwin for Help Finding Her Father
Objective: Follow Firwin
Objective: Kill Thulendor
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