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Help Juranda-ra save her plantation.
Zone: Khenarthi's Roost
Objective: Laughing Moons Plantation — Quell the vermin infestation at Laughing Moons Plantation.
Quest Giver: Juranda-ra
Location(s): Laughing Moons Plantation
Reward: Ratsplatter
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: (?)
Juranda-ra needs your help passing an inspection
Awash in a sea of rats, Laughing Moons Plantation is in dire need of assistance. Juranda-ra asked me to help deal with the infestation.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak with Juranda-ra at Laughing Moons Plantation.
  2. Talk to Cinder-Tail about his tigers.
  3. Collect thunderbug eggs.
  4. Place the eggs in rat nests.
  5. Return to Juranda-ra for your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The Thunderbugs destroying Rat Nests

Juranda-ra, a moon sugar farmer, will request your assistance. There is a Thalmor inspection coming up, and her plantation has a rat problem; if this were discovered, she would lose her plantation, because a farm defenseless against rats is also not safe from thieves, who would steal moon sugar to create skooma. She asks you to find out why Cinder-Tail's senche-tigers haven't been fighting off the rats.

Wander across the plantation to find Cinder-Tail admonishing his three tigers, Afeh, Marapa, and Gobani—he even offers them to you as carpets. It turns out that they have actually been eating the rats and ingesting moon sugar themselves. They've eaten a great deal of rats who filled their bellies with moon sugar before their untimely demise at the claws of the senche, making the big cats lazy. Senche who eat a lot of sugar become lazy and don't do their work. Following a train of thought, Cinder-Tail suggests that you collect Thunderbug Eggs, break them in rat nests, and let the thunderbugs kill the rats.

Find a thunderbug nest and take the eggs from it. Then, find five rat nests in which to break them, and watch as the thunderbugs kill the rats. They will not attack you while you have the eggs.

Once you've finished, return to Juranda-ra to find her speaking with Inspector Tarma and his assistant, Haldoril, who will comment on the effectiveness of your unorthodox methods.

Quest Stages[edit]

A Pinch of Sugar
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start Cinder-Tail may know how mere rats have defeated his senche watch tigers.
Objective: Talk to Cinder-Tail
According to Cinder-Tail, Thunderbugs are fiercely territorial, following their eggs wherever they are taken. Perhaps they can be used against the rats.
Objective: Steal Thunderbug Eggs
By throwing Thunderbug Eggs into the rat nests, I should be able to take the fight to the rats.
Objective: Destroy Rat Nests: x/5
Juranda-ra will want to know the Rat Nests have been dealt with.
Objective: Talk to Juranda-ra
☑Finishes quest Juranda-ra was thankful for my aid. Perhaps there's a reward for my help.
Objective: Talk to Juranda-ra