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Home City Riften
Location Fighters Guild
Race Nord Gender Female
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Medium Profession Commoner
Other Information
Faction(s) Fighters Guild

Alfa is a Nord commoner in Riften. She lives and works in the local guildhall of the Fighters Guild. You'll find her on the east side of the ground floor where she spends her days sweeping the floor.


She cannot be spoken to, but she occasionally speaks with Guldir about Fullhelm Fort.

Alfa: "Aye, it's safer here, but I miss Fullhelm. And that hardass Ironhand."
Guldir: "What about old Wandering Eye?"
Alfa: "Ha! Thorulf was an odd duck for sure. He'd stare out that window for hours."
Alfa: "Ugh! Creepy. And the way he looked at Mistress Hallfrida was just, well … obscene."
Alfa: "Don't worry about Hallfrida. Any man lays a hand on her will get a dagger in his belly."

After completing the fort's objective, their conversation will be different depending on the outcome of the quest. If Thane Unnvald Ironhand died:

Alfa: "Guldir! Wait 'til you hear. Thorulf was with the Worm Cult!"
Guldir: "No! Old Wandering Eye? Did they kill him?"
Alfa: "The Thane's bodyguard got him. Bless them for that. But Old Ironhand's dead."
Guldir: "No! What happened?"
Alfa: "Thorulf tricked him into burning himself alive. Hallfrida's Thane now. If not for that bodyguard, they'd all be dead."

If Thane Unnvald survived:

Alfa: "Guldir! Wait 'til you hear. Thorulf was with the Worm Cult!"
Guldir: "No! You're not serious. Is he dead?"
Alfa: "He got away. Tricked the Thane into trying to kill himself. Old Ironhand's still alive, though."
Guldir: "Thank Dibella! How was he saved?"
Alfa: "The Skald King's bodyguard saved Ironhand and the whole fort, from an army of undead no less!"