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Unravel the mystery of the silent soldiers of Sathram.
Zone: Stonefalls
Objective: Sathram Plantation — Discover what happened at Sathram Plantation.
Quest Giver: Feldsii Maren, Ulov Stormwall
Location(s): Sathram Plantation
Next Quest: Shattering Mirror
Reward: Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High
Dark spirits haunt Sathram Plantation
A frightened soldier on the road told me about a slave revolt at Sathram Plantation. Ulov Stormwall led the troops to the plantation, intending to suppress the revolt. Mysterious circumstances induced him to turn his blade on his own troops.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Ulov Stormwall.
  2. Kill the double.
  3. Talk to Ruvali Manothrel.
  4. Collect the Idol.
  5. Kill Tiril's double.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

To begin this quest, talk to Feldsii Maren on the road to the plantation or Ulov Stormwall up the road. Ulov is surrounded by corpses and demands that you speak before he cuts you down. When he calms down enough to explain the situation to you, he says that there's something wandering the complex. It kills people, and then makes a duplicate of that person. He saw it happen to one of his own men. It makes an imperfect copy, however, as it cannot mimic mortal speech. Hence why he needed you to talk to ensure your identity. He says he locked the thing in the cellar of a nearby stable. Check out this anomaly for yourself.

Inside the cellar is the body of Meling, who is wearing a Pact uniform. This is probably Ulov's former comrade. Check the soldier's body.

The Idol of the Hollow Moon
<This corpse has stretched, bruised flesh. Its clothes are soaked with blood. Judging from the exit wound in the soldier's back, something tore its way out of her from within.>

It's a gruesome situation. Behind a pillar to the left of the corpse is a strange sight- it's a living copy of Meling, just as Ulov described. Kill it. Once the copy is dead, a misty blue form vacates the corpse and flees into the barn. Chase after it before it can cause harm to anyone else.

Standing in the entryway of the stables is a woman. Speak with her. If she can't speak, you know what to do. Otherwise, maybe she'll have something useful to say. You can rest easy, because she's capable of person-speech. Unfortunately, the creature is still out there.

Ruvali says she's looking for her husband, and they got separated when the slave uprising happened. She claims that all the plantation's woes are the fault of their former Khajiiti slaves... even the monster. Inquiring further reveals that a Khajiit named Ra-shadda summoned the creature. Ruvali and her husband confiscated a totem from their makeshift altar, which the monster is apparently afraid of. Ruvali explains that she saw the monster wear one of her guards, and when it attacked her, she panicked and hit it with the totem. The monster screamed when she hit it, and then ran away. She laments leaving the totem in her bedroom.

You need to find that totem. Enter Manothrel House, which lies to the west. It's the only proper house on the plantation and looks to have 3 wings from the outside. You can't miss it. The idol is upstairs within the house and to the right, on the floor of the bedroom. It looks like a gold-dipped skull with emeralds set in its eye sockets. On the ground not too far from the totem lies the corpse of a well-dressed Dunmer male: Tiril Manothrel. Ruvali won't need to look for her husband much longer, it seems.

Once you have the totem in your possession, return to Ruvali. Outside the house is Ruvali... and her supposed-to-be-dead husband. The doppelganger is across the way, standing in front of the bridge. Ruvali is in grave danger. Luckily, she's afraid to go near him. Inform her that her "husband" is actually a doppelganger, and she doesn't believe you. It looks like you'll have to prove it to her with the idol.

The creature escapes

Use the idol on the faker. As expected, "Tiril" flees. Chase the creature into Manothrel House. Run downstairs and turn right at the bottom. The doppelganger hid itself in the cellar. Open the cellar door and kill the faker. Tiril's double wields a fire staff, so be wary if you're a vampire. Once the doppelganger is dead, the creature flees once again. The chase is on.

Go back through the door to Ruvali's House and pursue the creature before it copies her. Not because a copy of Ruvali would be particularly difficult to defeat, but because she's a widower and the guilt of an old woman suffering that fate compels you. Once you're back in the basement, you'll find Ulov standing near the trapdoor, holding his arm. He's been injured. Ulov heard Ruvali scream. He tried to kill the creature, but it got away. Ruvali is upstairs, weeping over her dead husband. Ulov tells you to check the body, and to burn her husband to ash if he moves.

Ruvali is mourning, as expected. Her language is a bit unsettling, as she talks about other mortal races as if they're commodities while ruminating on how she and her husband were going to expand, but otherwise, she's normal. Uncopied. She wants nothing to do with the idol, and says that Ra-shadda, the one who summoned the monster, must know of a way to send the monster back.

Quest Stages[edit]

An Unwanted Twin
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I must find Ulov Stormwall to learn why he massacred his troops. Feldsii said he was just up the road from where I met her.
Objective: Find Ulov
Latest start Ulov claims a monster is killing people and copying their bodies. He trapped it inside the cellar of the Sathram Plantation stables. I should investigate.
Objective: Open the Trapdoor
I've made my way into the cellar. Ulov said the creature, however it looks now, should be here.
Objective: Kill the Soldier's Double

HINT: If Ulov is correct, the monster killed the soldier whose body it copied. I should look in the cellar for the original body.

Objective Hint: Search for the Soldier's Body.
After slaying the soldier's double, a gruesome shape rose from the corpse and fled into the stables. I should chase after it before it finds a new body.
Objective: Chase the Creature
There's a woman standing in the entryway of the stables. I should speak to her. If she can't speak, I'll know the creature has found a new body.
Objective: Talk to Ruvali
The Khajiiti idol Ruvali used to frighten the creature is in the bedroom of her house. The only house is on the plantation is to the west. I need to fetch that totem.
Objective: Collect the Idol from Ruvali's Bedroom

I should let Ulov know I've witnessed the creature he described.

Optional Step: Talk to Ulov
I found the totem. I must return to Ruvali. I also found her husband's corpse.
Objective: Return to Ruvali
Tiril's double is standing in the foyer of Ruvali's house. I must find and warn Ruvali.
Objective: Talk to Ruvali
I must prove to Ruvali that the creature before us is the monster, not her husband.
Objective: Use the Idol on Tiril's Double
Tiril's double ran off. I must follow it.
Objective: Follow Tiril
I must kill Tiril's double.
Objective: Kill Tiril's Double
The creature fled again. I must chase it before it copies Ruvali.
Objective: Chase the Creature
Ulov is standing near the trapdoor in Ruvali's house. I should ask him if he's seen Ruvali.
Objective: Talk to Ulov
☑Finishes quest I must find Ruvali and see if the creature has copied her.
Objective: Talk to Ruvali