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Animals comprise various mundane creatures that have no magical or weapon-wielding abilities.

The "Animals" category includes a wide variety of creatures, with different degrees of aggressiveness (some have no attack capability at all), and many different habitats. The characteristics common to all animals are that they are modeled upon real animals that exist (or existed formerly) on Earth, and that they rely exclusively upon physical attacks using their bodies (claws, paws, hooves, fangs, horns, etc.)

Animal behavior is organized into three ranks: Non-hostile, in which the animal will never attack (these also are always level 1 and die in one hit); Neutral, in which the animal will only attack when provoked by proximity or direct harm; and Hostile, in which the animal will attack on sight. Note that in certain places, an animal may be neutral while others of its kind elsewhere are hostile. There are also a few cases of two distinctly different animals having the same name. For example, the small, non-hostile spider may be killed for bait, while the large, hostile spider has more variable drops (such as Armor or Weapons).

Animal Types[edit]




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