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Apprentice Chirrhari
Home Settlement Everwound Wellspring
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Clockwork Apostles
Apprentice Chirrhari

Apprentice Chirrhari is a Khajiit Apostle apprenticed to Lector Naril at the Everwound Wellspring. Her notes can be found on a table next to her.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Oasis in a Metal Desert[edit]

When you approach her with Sherizar, you can hear them say:

Apprentice Chirrhari: "Sherizar? Oh, this one purrs at the sight of you!"
Sherizar: "It's so good to see you too, Chirrhari!"

Then, when talking to her:

"You shouldn't wander the Wellspring unsupervised. It's dangerous!
The factotums don't respond well to visitors they haven't been formulated to recognize. And the fabricants, they're just mean."
Sherizar's the Wellspring's new apprentice.
"A new apprentice? Really? But what does Chirrhari know of such things? This one works in the dark and grows fungi, molds, and mosses. The lector keeps me too busy for other concerns."
Sherizar thinks there might be some sort of problem here at the oasis.
"Chirrhari doubts there's anything sinister going on. Sotha Sil blessed the Wellspring with water, and Lector Naril's alchemical solutions make it possible to grow plants.
It's good to see Sherizar, though. We could use the help."
What about the apprentice selected last year?
"Apprentice? Sherizar is the first new apprentice to enter the Wellspring in years. The lector stopped selecting apprentices after poor Gathal's accident. At least that's how this one understands things.
I suppose Idrono might know differently."
Who's Idrono?
"Idrono works with Chirrhari. He attempts to grow non-fungal plant life in harsh conditions. Since you're going to speak to him, could you bring along some of my mushrooms? But not the poisonous ones. He hates those."
We'll gather some mushrooms and bring them to Idrono.
"Idrono will be grateful for the fungi samples, even if he seems agitated. He gets that way during the harvest.
Make sure to bring him safe ones, though. My notes can help you identify the various types we grow."
[Persuade] Can you formulate the factotums so they don't attack us?
"No, only the lector can do such things. But perhaps this one has the next best thing.
My plaque of safe passage. As long as you carry it, the factotums should leave you alone. Take it. It won't stop fabricants, however, so be wary of those beasts."
Will you be all right without your plaque of safe passage?
"Chirrhari will be fine. There is much to do right here. And the factotums are formulated to recognize me. The plaque is a precaution. For the most part.
This one will get another one before the next work cycle begins."
Tell me about Apprentice Gathal.
This one only knows what Lector Naril told her. He said that Gathal injured himself while performing an experiment. He never recovered. It was a tragedy.
Idrono pays much more attention to gossip, so perhaps he can tell you more."

After finishing the quest, Chirrhari, Sherizar, Apprentice Ohtowen and Apprentice Idrono gather and speak:

Apprentice Chirrhari: "How horrible! Those apostles … all dead!"
Sherizar: "Not just dead. Drained of life to create the simulated sunlight."
Apprentice Ohtowen: "Still, it's an amazing device. Lector Naril's a true genius."
Apprentice Idrono: "A genius? Look at this! Naril's insane!"

If you decided to continue with sacrifices, they continue to talk:

Sherizar: "Naril's dead, but the promise of the Wellspring lives on."
Apprentice Chirrhari: "You're not suggesting we continue to … to kill people?"
Sherizar: "We call for volunteers. Use their sacrifices while we continue to work on finding a different source of power."
Apprentice Ohtowen: "How noble. I assume we won't be the ones volunteering this time?"
Apprentice Idrono: "Sherizar has the right idea. And I offer myself as the first sacrifice."
Apprentice Ohtowen: "Idrono, no!"
Apprentice Idrono: "It's only logical. I'm an apprentice whose experiments never worked out. Allow me to contribute in another way."
Sherizar: "Very well. Let's go make the necessary preparations."
Apprentice Chirrhari: "One death … to avoid many. This one still doesn't like how this all turned out."

If you decide to stop the sacrifices, they continue to say: (?)

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