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Armel Remly
Location Shrieking Scar
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) The Daggers
Armel Remly

Armel Remly is a Breton. He and his brother Balin are members of the mercenary group The Daggers. They need help capturing harpies at Shrieking Scar.

Related Quests[edit]


Rusty Daggers[edit]

As you set the traps, you'll a cry:

"Help! This crazy bird is trying to kill me!"

approaching his location, you'll see him cowering down before a Harpy. Rescue him and he'll say, "I thought I was going to be dinner! Thanks! I'll see you back at the village."

After you helped the brothers, follow the quest marker back to Makar the Elder's cave. There you'll witness the following scene:

Makar the Elder : "Are you telling me you've made absolutely no progress on the contract we signed with you?"
Balin Remly : "It's Armel's fault. His stupid trap malfunctioned again."
Armel Remly : "It's not my fault! Those harpies are crafty! And bloodthirsty!"
Makar the Elder : "Is that why you reek? What is that smell?"
Bumnog : "The harpies! They're here! The scent lure on these two brought the whole flock down on us!"
Armel Remly : "We need to wash this stuff off before the harpies get us! To the pond!"
Makar the Elder : "Please, go with them. The villagers and I will hide from the beasts."
Bathtime as the Remly brothers try to wash off the stank.

Go down to the pond and the battle will begin as you fend off the harpies as the Remly brothers try to wash the smell of the scent lures off of them. Throughout the encounter, the three will make comments on their progress, the current situation of the battle, and snide quips at each other:

Bumnog : "Get ready! Here they come!"
Armel Remly : "Could someone get my back please?"
Balin Remly : "I'm scrubbing as fast as I can!"
Bumnog : "Hey! What do you say we just leave the Remly brothers for the harpies? Bird-women need love too!"
Balin Remly : "We're almost done! Just a little longer!"

After all is said and done, Bumnog will turn to the boys once more:

Bumnog : "Get off your arses, boys. Go take down those traps. We don't need them anymore."
Armel Remly : "But Bumnog! We just finished setting them up!"
Balin Remly : "I get to take down the pots. It's your turn to get caught up in those nets."
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