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Location Spindleclutch I
Race Redguard Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Fighters Guild

At'avar is a Redguard member of the Fighters Guild trapped inside Spindleclutch I.

Related Quests[edit]


He can be found webbed to one of the crosses:

"Blood and faith! Are you real? Can you hear me? Please, get me down!"
Are you all right? Don't you hear the whispers?
""I escaped the curse, but the blessing of the great Merid-nunda. The whispers... I hear them, yes. But it's like the buzzing of flies, not the madness of men."
I'll free you. <Free At'avar>
I hear you. I'll help.
"May Tall Papa bless you, friend! I thought I'd met my end.
Please, get me down?"
I'll free you. <Free At'avar>

Once he is freed:

At'avar: "Gahh! I think my arm's broken. Gods-damned whispers!"

He can then be spoken with again:

"Father! Sud-Hareem!
My father's somewhere nearby. I heard him calling to me. At least, I think I heard him... or was it the whispers? Maybe they're affecting me after all."
Are you all right? Don't you hear the whispers? (Repeats the above answer)
Get up. Let's go find your father./We should go find your father.
"I would... I want to... but I'm so weak. I've been trapped down here for so long, I can't even see straight.
You have to keep going. Find out what this is and stop it. But I'll give you something before you go - a blessing from the Fighters Guild."

At'avar will then proceed to recite the creed of the Guild to grant you the Fighters Boon:

"For blood, for glory, for power and might,
We of the Guild will always fight.
For good or evil, day or night,
We of the Guild will always fight.
...Just so long as the price is right!"