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Take steps to help Mistress Dratha beat death.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Quest Giver: Mistress Dratha in Tel Mora
Location(s): Ashalmawia, Bal Ur, Esutanamus, Kushtashpi, Ramimilk, Yansirramus, Tusenend, Prison of Xykenaz
Prerequisite Quest: Reclaiming Vos
Reward: Dark Staff of the War Maiden
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High
ID: 5841
A dark pact is made
Mistress Dratha, having woken from a crippling illness, made it clear that she wants to beat death. Seven Daedric relics called the Stones of Cold Fire may be the key to achieving immortality.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Mistress Dratha.
  2. Retrieve the Stones of Cold Fire.
  3. Return to Tel Mora.
  4. Retrieve Xykenaz from his prison.
  5. Talk to Mistress Dratha.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Retrieve the Stones of Cold Fire

Ashalmawia: This stone is located inside the Ashalmawia delve. Look for large metal doors to enter the dungeon. You will either need to defeat or sneak past the miniboss, Zylara, once inside to collect the stone.

Bal Ur: Head inside of Bal Ur Underground to collect this stone. There is a Phylaraak miniboss inside that you can either defeat or sneak past. The stone is located next to candles inside of the shrine.

Esutanamus: This stone is located next to the Esutanamus Shrine. There’s an easily avoided Daedroth miniboss that patrols the area.

Kushtashpi: Another stone that is easily located out in the open next to its shrine. Just like Esutanamus there is an avoidable miniboss in the area.

Ramimilk: The easiest stone to collect. This one is out in the open inside of the shrine with no minibosses in the area to deal with.

Tusenend: Head inside of the Tusenend shrine and either defeat or sneak past the Kythiirix miniboss. You will find the stone is nearby on the ground.

Yansirramus: Inside of the Yansirramus shrine is a Brakuum miniboss that you will want to defeat. After doing so look for the stone near the top of the area.

Quest Stages[edit]

At Any Cost
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
According to Mistress Dratha, the Stones of Cold Fire are hidden away in seven Daedric shrines: Ashalmawia, Bal Ur, Esutanamus, Kushtashpi, Ramimilk, Yansirramus, and Tusenend. I must seek out these shrines and claim one stone from each.
Objective: Retrieve the Stones of Cold Fire
I retrieved all seven Stones of Cold Fire. Now I must deliver them to Mistress Dratha in Tel Mora.
Objective: Talk to Mistress Dratha
In order to use the Stones of Cold Fire, Mistress Dratha needs me to weaken a Dremora hidden away in the realm of Oblivion. I should go through the portal to find this Daedra.
Objective: Enter the Portal
Objective Hint: Wait for Dratha to Open the Portal
I arrived in Oblivion. I must defeat the vile Dremora, Xykenaz.
Objective: Defeat Xykenaz
I defeated Xykenaz. I should enter Mistress Dratha's portal and return to Nirn.
Objective: Return to Tel Mora
I returned safely to Tel Mora. I should talk to Mistress Dratha.
Objective: Talk to Mistress Dratha
☑Finishes quest I completed all of Mistress Dratha's tasks. I should talk to her to receive my reward.
Objective: Talk to Mistress Dratha
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