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Auberic Dufont
Home Settlement Senchal
House Auberic Dufont's Residence
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Auberic Dufont

Auberic Dufont is a Breton nobleman who lives in his residence in Senchal. He has been looking into joining one of Lady Ghisiliane's famous hunting excursions.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

Upon entering Auberic Dufont's Residence, Skordo engages with him.

Auberic Dufont: "Oh. Hello there. To what do I owe the pleasure?"
Skordo the Knife: "Yeah, I'm the, uh … the token guy. Lady G sent me to deliver this."
Auberic Dufont: "Ah, Lady Ghisiliane! I just love how she shortens her name like that. Lends an air of mystery, don't you think?"
Skordo the Knife: "Yeah, she's definitely mysterious, that Lady G. Anyways, sorry for the delay on your trinket there. You, uh … you all set for her party? Or whatever?"
Auberic Dufont: "Trinket? Ha! You scallywag. It's so much more than a trinket! This event … it's so classy. So exclusive! I even bought a new bow for the occasion!"
Skordo the Knife: "A new bow, eh? Yeah … I mean, everybody at the event should have a bow. I guess."
Auberic Dufont: "Why do you say it like that? Oh, you think the others would frown on a bow, don't you? I knew it. I just knew it! But a sword is so messy! Ugh, the swamp will be messy enough. Say, you're in the know. Have you been there?"
Skordo the Knife: "What, the swamp? Yeah … all the time. But Lady G doesn't like us talking about it."
Auberic Dufont: "More exciting if I don't know, eh? Ha! Classic Lady Ghisiliane. I heard her last event took place in a Daedric ruin. Can you imagine? But look at me, rambling on. Can I get you something before you leave? A beverage perhaps?"
Skordo the Knife: "Yeah, sure. You got any rum? I'm going to level with you Ric—I can call you Ric, right? My palate ain't that sophisticated."
Auberic Dufont: "Well, I was going to offer you some of my sour guar shein. Four sixty-seven. Very good year. But I suppose I can find some rum? Just give me a moment. It's probably somewhere behind the sujamma selection …."

At the hunt, you can see Dufont running away in terror.

Auberic Dufont: "Bow lost, boots ruined! Lady G shall hear of this! I demand redress!"
Auberic Dufont: "Flee! The Orc—he's mad! Mad!"
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