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Home City Elden Root
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Azbishan is a Khajiit found in the city of Elden Root. He can be found conversing with Gerethel about Southpoint, depending on your completion of the quest the Grip of Madness.

If you have not yet completed it, they will have the following conversation:

Azbishan: "Have you heard about the madness in Southpoint? My cub-sister said she saw people building houses out of mudcrabs!"
Gerethel: "And how would that work, exactly? They'd skitter away! Don't believe everything you hear."
Azbishan: "Doubt if you will. My sister does not lie. I might go there to see for myself."

If you have completed it, they will instead have the following conversation:

Azbishan: "This one hears the strangeness in Southpoint has ended. Seems a Daedric Prince was involved … Sheogorath himself!"
Gerethel: "You believe all you hear. A Daedric Prince? Did your sister see a clutch of butterflies when she was there?"
Azbishan: "Believe what you like! I'm glad things have calmed down there, whatever the cause."

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