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This article is about the Prowler crewmember. For the crazed insect enthusiast, see Bakhig.

Location Shattered Shoals, Vulkhel Guard Anvil
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly/Justice Neutral (see notes)
Pickpocket Medium Profession Soldier

Bakhig-ja is a Khajiit soldier who can be found in various locations such as Shattered Shoals and Vulkhel Guard.


Shattered Shoals[edit]

While the Prowler is stuck on the Shattered Shoals, he will move back and forth between reporting to Quartermaster Oblan:

Bakhig-ja: "Those damned Sea Vipers still watching us? 'Course they are."
Bakhig-ja: "We'll finish repairs by high tide. We've got to."
Bakhig-ja: "The Prowler will float … but I can't promise more than that."
Bakhig-ja: "Still need more supplies."

And giving instructions to Zeriba:

Bakhig-ja: "Make sure you check the hull for holes!"
Zeriba: "I know what I'm doing!"
Bakhig-ja: "Don't let those mudcrabs get into he hold!"
Zeriba: "Just do your own work, Bakhig-ja!"
Bakhig-ja: "Careful! She's listing!"
Zeriba: "I'll be done soon!"
Bakhig-ja: "Suhr's inside, if you need help!"
Zeriba: "Get me some more tar, will you?"


  • Bakhig-ja is usually Friendly in each of his locations and thus cannot be killed. However, he is Justice Neutral in Anvil.
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