Clockwork City

Online:Barilzar's Eighth Laboratory

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Striking Locale:
Barilzar's Eighth Laboratory
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Discovery Leveled XP
Completion None
Clockwork City
Northern Clockwork, west of the Exarchs' Egress.
Barilzar's Eighth Laboratory

Barilzar's Eighth Laboratory is a disused laboratory once belonging to Barilzar. It is currently occupied by Alarvyne Falas, a Dunmer who has taken it upon herself to learn and archive Barilzar's research.

Copies of the lorebooks Realms of the Clockwork City: The Radius, Barilzar's Journal, and the Deshaan lorebook The Living Gods can be found here. Aside from a few crates and bookshelves, there is nothing else of interest.