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The so-called "Velothi Towers" were built by the Chimer in the early days when Morrowind was known as Resdayn. Many of these remote outposts have been occupied by hermits, wizards, and others who value their privacy, including the mage Barilzar.
Barilzar's Tower
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Discoverable No
Owner Barilzar
Azura's CoastVvardenfell
East of Molag Mar
Barilzar's Tower

Barilzar's Tower is the home tower of the wizard and artificer Barilzar, located on Vvardenfell's Azura's Coast. It consists of four rooms: Tower Entryway, Barilzar's Laboratory, Tower Undercroft, and Barilzar's Inner Sanctum. The last two rooms are only accessible during Divine Intervention, as is the trapdoor around the back of the tower that leads directly to the inner sanctum.

In his laboratory, Barilzar currently has set up an elaborate experiment in chronochromancy.

During Divine Intervention, two skaafin and a Hunger will be found in the undercroft.

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