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Bastibien Frernis
Location Underneath Sanctuary of Verification
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Bastibien Frernis

Bastibien Frernis is a Breton found at a camp underneath the Sanctuary of Verification. He complains about the noise and his behavior is somewhat erratic.


"Too loud! You're being too loud! We need quiet, yes."
You don't seem to like noise.
"Everywhere is whirling! Grinding! And you ask if I don't like the noise?
No! I don't. Not at all. This place isn't right! The machines. Not natural, not right."
So you don't like the machines?
"Yes! No! No. No, I don't like them. Too much noise. It hurts. If its [sic] silent, it doesn't hurt. Quiet, yes, quiet."