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Battlemage Gaston
Location Bonesnap Ruins
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly Class Battlemage
Other Information
Faction(s) Lion Guard
Battlemage Gaston

Battlemage Gaston is a Breton in charge of a Lion Guard squad trying to contain a powerful Daedra found in the Bonesnap Ruins.

Related Quests[edit]


"Yes, what is it? Not much time to talk. Important magic to cast, here. There's a Daedra loose, and a binding spell is our best chance for getting that beast under control."
What's going on here?
"I'm with the Lion Guard—we were responding to reports of a Goblin infestation.
Find them we did, but a fiend ambushed us as we attacked. Daedric, I think, forcing us to retreat to the entrance of the ruin. And now the Goblins have hemmed us in."
What will you do now?
"Need to repair this [Lore:Welkynd_Stone|Welkynd Stone]] next to me—it's the focus of a powerful binding spell.
I think it contained the freed Daedra, and unfortunately, it seems our Goblin friends have broken it. They've made four of the pieces into totems."
Perhaps I can get those pieces of the stone back.
"We need the Stone complete to contain the Daedra, finish off the Goblins—you have my thanks. I hope you fathom what you offer.
Sir Edgard, my second in command, and his squad already have one piece. They've gone looking for more, but haven't returned."
I'll take care of this.
"I hope so. Dame Narine is not known for her patience."

Once the player returns with the stone fragments:

Battlemage Gaston:"Ah, you've returned! And with the stone fragments in hand!"
"You've got the missing stone fragments? Let's see if we can activate it,then. You go ahead."
Battlemage Gaston:"Can you feel it? That energy in the air! The spell is working!"
"Gales of kynareth! We have a working Daedric containment cell!
I'll be the envy of every mage from here to High Rock. Of course, I'll tell them you helped."
What's next?
"We're not done quite yet. The spell will require a few moments to fully take effect.
But I can handle things from here."

Once Repairing the Cage is completed there will be some further dialogue between Zix and Gaston.

Zix the Deceiver:"What in Oblivion? What is this? Release me, at once! Release me, or I'll tear this plane apart!"
Veteran Mage Gaston:"Ignore it. Just empty threats. It knows it's trapped."
Zix the Deceiver:"You insufferable mortals! I'll shroud you all in unending dream, make you face your worst nightmares! You'll die clawing your eyes out, I swear it!
Veteran Mage Gaston:"It's losing the fight. The stone just needs to hold a little longer."
Zix the Deceiver:"I have plenty of time to wait, mortal. Eventually you'll slip, and your prison will fail. Then I will cover you in nightmares."

After Zix has been successfully contained Gaston will have something else to say.

"The containment cell will hold.
We won't be disturbed now, as we return to out primary goal of slaughtering the sub-human primitives. The Goblins, I mean.


  • For some reason the subtitles for the dialogue between Zix and Gaston call him "Veteran Mage Gaston". This is the only place were he is called that.