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Bili Hlan
Home Settlement Quarantine Serk
House Hlan House
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Bili Hlan

Bili Hlan is a Dunmer found in her family house located in the town of Quarantine Serk.

She'll greet you with "Oh, look at me! I'm a terrible mess! You really must excuse my dreadful appearance. I haven't been feeling very well lately. By the way, you haven't seen Nostrum Breva, have you? She promised to bring me more of the Maulborn curative."

Asking about Dethisam Berendas' whereabouts will have her reply: "Dethisam? The town consul? Such a nice, young man! Why, I do recall that he came to see me yesterday. He said he had other townsfolk to check on, but that he would bring me a curative as soon as he could."

Inquiring about the curative will show that she's quite positive about the Maulborn: "The curative? Remarkable stuff! Tastes awful but wipes the plague right out of your system. One of those delightful Maulborn gave me one a few days ago. Nostrum Breva, she called herself. But I think I need another dosage."

Asking for the opportunity for some questions will yield her polite answer: "I may be ill and bedraggled, but I still have my manners. What would you like to know?"

On the first appearance of the plague in the Serk, she says: "Oh, I couldn't say for sure. Perhaps the alchemist Nilyne would know. I can tell you that I started feeling ill a few days ago, after I drank the Maulborn curative. She said that would happen. You have to get ill to get better, the Maulborn said."

Her opinion of the Maulborn is quite good, as she says about them: "Such a polite young woman, that Nostrum Breva. Claimed they were here to provide the help the Tribunal refused to give. They have a curative for the plague, you know. Vile stuff. But the best medicine always tastes terrible, my mother always said."

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