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Blaise Pamarc
Location Aphren's Hold, by a bridge outside the hold
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild
Blaise Pamarc

Blaise Pamarc is a Breton member of the Mages Guild doing research in the ruins of Aphren's Hold.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

You'll find him standing outside the xxx, where he'll greet you:

"Your timing is impeccable. I am on a critical mission for the Mages Guild, and I need assistance.
These ruins contain a powerful relic—King Aphren's Sword. With all the chaos in this region, the ogres, these cultists, the sword is not safe."
So you're here to reclaim the sword?
"You're smarter than you look. Yes, I need to bring King Aphren's Sword back to Wayrest.
The Supernal Dreamers got here first, but it's actually a good thing. Their meddling awakened the spirits of this place, who killed every last one of them."
But now the spirits are blocking you?
"Right again. Complicating matters further, King Aphren's Sword was shattered into three parts. Legend says it can only be reforged in King Aphren's tomb.
If you're brave enough to find the pieces and get them reforged, there will be a reward."
I'll get the sword.
"I'm actually jealous, you know. I've always wanted to see the ruins of King Aphren's Hold.
All the stories I've heard about the sword, the hold, the king himself. I'd go along, but I have no stomach for fighting the spirits of the dead."
How do I find the parts and reforge the sword?
"My research suggests the three parts of the sword—the blade, the hilt, and the pommel—can be found in the three towers within the hold.
Only King Aphren's spirit can reforge the sword. You must take the pieces into the king's tomb."
I'd like to hear more about the history of King Aphren.
"There are books about the subject, you know. We don't have time for a history lesson.
To summarize: Aphren was a ruthless merchant king early in the first era—he conquered many of his neighbors. Quite infamous."
What about Aphren's Hold itself?
"There are no specific records of what occurred here, only vague references.
King Aphren allegedly spent all his time at war. While he was away, his enemies apparently attacked Aphren's Hold and killed everyone. The king himself died soon after."
What's so special about the king's sword?
"King Aphren's Sword was sacred. He never let anyone else touch it.
We don't know how it was shattered or even if it really has magical properties. It certainly sounds like it's worth studying though."
Why do the spirits still haunt the ruins?
"Honestly, that was a surprise. I was told it was a quiet place.
I presume it was the Supernal Dreamers who disturbed the dead. Perhaps because they sought the sword, or perhaps they were only trespassing. Either way, they're all dead."
[Persuade] Surely you brought something in case the ruins were haunted.

After you return from the crypts, you can speak with Blaise.

If you gave him the sword, you have the option of handing it over.

"Is that it? Is that the sword? Did you get it reforged?"
Yes. And I spoke with King Aphren's spirit
"So it's not just the spirits of the soldiers that have been disturbed. Does the king too wander these ruins in search of peace?"
He wanted to make amends to his daughter
"Ha! I presume she was among those killed when the king was out conquering his neighbors?
Funny how a restless afterlife can change the hearts of the dead. Doubtless, he deserves no such redemption. May I have the sword now?"
Yes. Here it is.
"Hmm. It doesn't feel especially magical.
Nonetheless, this is what I was sent here to reclaim, and you have aided me in this cause. The Mages Guild thanks you."
No. I must give it to the princess' spirit.
"Oh … so this is how the king has asked you to make his amends?
You can't be serious. The king deserves no such favors, and that sword belongs back in Wayrest. Please … you can't do this!"

If you returned the sword to the princess, you will have to tell him the news.

"Triumphant, I hope? You certainly have been gone long enough.
Wait a minute. Where's the sword?"
I don't have it.
"Could you please elaborate a little? I've waited here for quite some time with the expectation that you would bring the sword.
I think you owe me at least some explanation."
I gave it to the ghost of the king's daughter.
"You what? I've been researching this for months. I hiked all the way out here—on my own, I should note, and now you tell me you gave my treasure to someone else!?
Next time, If I want something, I'm not hiring someone I meet on the road!"
I just couldn't find it.
"And now you're just going to give up?
Fine. I'll find someone else to help me. Just be on your way then."
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