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Bloodthorn Cultist
Location See Below
Race Varied Gender Varied
Health Radiant
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Bloodthorn Cult
Bloodthorn Cultist
Bloodthorn Cultist
Home City Daggerfall
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 0 (Dead)
Bloodthorn Cultist (dead)

Bloodthorn Cultist is a dead Breton member of the Bloodthorn Cult who can be found in Daggerfall. He was murdered down the South Trade District Alley, by the Werewolf that has been killing off Daggerfall's beggars.


Back-Alley Murders[edit]

Due to his death, the Bloodthorn Cultist cannot be engaged with in conversation, but can instead be examined:

"<This man's spine was twisted several times before he died. The attacker must have been incredibly strong.>"

His body will disappear immediately after examining it.

Related Quests[edit]


Quest Related Events[edit]

Into the Hills[edit]

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Bloodthorn Cultist (vision)

When you activate the first totem, you'll see a vision of a Bloodthorn Cultist searching for something. Follow him across the bridge, and you'll see he's looking for Drusilla:

Bloodthorn Cultist : "The stench of these Orcs is unbearable."
Bloodthorn Cultist : "She should be nearby."
Drusilla Nerva : "You have the scroll. Rejoice that you did not fail. Vardan will be pleased."
Bloodthorn Cultist : "I live to serve my masters."
Drusilla Nerva : "Go west to the Ayleid site. The scroll's ritual should enable you to succeed where the others failed."
Bloodthorn Cultist : "I will not fail you, mistress!"


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