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Brother Gerard
Location South of Moonlit Maw
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Spirit Wardens
Brother Gerard

Brother Gerard is a Breton member of the Spirit Wardens found south of the Moonlit Maw.

Related Quests[edit]


Dreams to Nightmares[edit]

When he is first spoken to:

"I should have fought harder. I should have protected Master Muzgu."
I'm here to help. Tell me what happened.
"It's the Supernal Dreamers. They've opened a portal to Oblivion in Maw Cave—that's where those scamps came from—and we came to close it.
It was a trap. The Dreamers wanted Master Muzgu for some reason. And now they've got him!"
How can I help?
"They're trying to open more portals here and there. We need to stop that—but I have to go try to save Master Muzgu.
Can you kill some scamps and hurl their heads into the nascent portals? The magical feedback should shut them down."

After Dreams to Nightmares is started:

"Remember, throw the scamp heads into the nascent portals.
Then meet me in the cave to the north when you're done. If Azura favors us, I'll have rescued Master Muzgu by then."
Are you a monk? What's your order?
"I'm a spirit warden, from Pariah Abbey, just west of here.
We protect Stormhaven from unseen threats: nasty things from Vaermina's realm of nightmare. We act in Azura's name."
Who are the Supernal Dreamers?
"They're badly misguided people who worship Vaermina, the Daedric Prince of Nightmares.
That's what the Master says. I don't think they're misguided, I think they're rotten. And I'm going to kill the ones who took Muzgu."
How can a scamp head keep an Oblivion portal from opening?
"It's simple transliminal metaphysics. The scamps just came here through another portal from Lore:Quagmire, Vaermina's realm, so they're still charged with positive creatia. Got that?"
"So to open their portals the Supernal mages are channeling negative dismay-waves from the dreaming cultists.Positive scamp-head meets negative dismay, and poof!
Anything else? I need to rescue master Muzgu."

Muzgu Dies[edit]

If you chose to kill Master Muzgu:

"How could you do that? How could you kill him?
Just go. Go kill that Daedra. That was his last wish."

Kill Vaermina's Watcher and return to the Moonlit Maw:

"So Muzgu and the Daedra are dead.
Now what? Can we be done with the killing?"
Muzgu sacrificed himself to save Stormhaven.
"You're right. I'm sorry. I know it's wrong to blame you for what happened.
Why didn't he listen to me? The sacrifice would have worked. He didn't have to die.
I'm not fit to be a Spirit Warden. I think I'm going to be a wanderer … like you."
"Muzgu. Dead.
I thought Azura would protect him. She didn't."

Muzgu Lives[edit]

When the portals are closed, Gerard can be found at the bottom of Moonlit Maw with Master Muzgu.

"Name of Azura!
This is bad."
What have they done to Master Muzgu?
"While I was fighting my way in, the cultists performed a ritual on Muzgu. he's partially possessed by a Daerdric spirit!
He's stuck in a terrible dilemma. He insists I should return alone to Pariah Abbey, but I can't just leave him!"

Moonlit Maw[edit]

After completion of Dreams to Nightmares.

"Please, talk to him. He's mad if he thinks I'll leave here without him.
There's something he's not telling me."
Where do these portals lead?
"To Quagmire, realm of the Daedric Prince Vaermina, Queen of Nightmares.
Believe me, she means the mortals of this plane nothing but ill."

When The Gate to Quagmire is started:

"I don't care what he thinks is right.
There must be another way to get that Daedra out of him."

After bringing back a dreaming cultist to the Maw;

"Thank you for helping Master Muzgu see reason.
He's an important monk among the Spirit Wardens...and a good friend."

When the cultist is sacrificed:

"You've made the right choice.
That cultist would do the same to us, if he could."

After the Daedric spirit is purged:

"Thank you for saving Master Muzgu.
Star of Azura."

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