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Brother Perry
Location Vanne Farm, Weeping Giant
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Spirit Wardens
Brother Perry

Brother Perry is a Breton member of the Spirit Wardens encountered multiples times across Stormhaven.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Slumbering Farmer[edit]

Approach the Vanne Farm, and you'll come across a monk in literal binds:

"It's good that you've come along, friend. The Vanne family is in dire need of aid.
If you could untie me, we could have a more civil conversation?"
Who tied you up?
"The Supernal Dreamers. I should have seen this coming, but I failed and I need your help to set matters straight.
The Dreamers have captured Ingride Vanne, the owner of this farm, and I fear they have dark plans for her."
What kind of dark plans?
"I am certainly eager to explain the situation further, but do you think we could continue the conversation over by the bridge?"
Sure. Let me untie you.

Untie him and he'll start running to your destination:

Brother Perry : "Come with me to the bridge. We can speak safely there."

Once you've caught up with him, he'll add:

"Perhaps we can now have a civil conversation. I'm Perry. Brother Perry, traveling through Alcaire on my way back to Pariah Abbey.
Ingride Vanne offered me a room for the night. It just happened to be the night the Supernal Dreamers attacked."
Do you know why they attacked?
"They serve Vaermina, the Daedric Prince of Nightmares. I know this because I am an initiate at Pariah Abbey.
We knew the Dreamers were active in Alcaire, but their intentions for Ingride Vanne suggest a more aggressive plan than we imagined."
What intentions with Ingride Vanne?
"The Supernal Dreamers have put her into an enchanted sleep, tied down in front of a portal—undoubtedly from Vaermina's dark domain. They will summon a daedric spirit to inhabit Ingride's body.
You need to break the enchantment to free her."
How do I break the enchantment?
"It will not be easy, and you will need to move quickly, but it can be done.
You will need to reverse the daedric ritual, which will require gathering a few … somewhat grisly items. Then you must follow the directions exactly to break the spell."
What items do I need for the ritual?
"You will need to acquire the hearts of two different daedra. A scamp and a Dremora should do. Then find my ritual candle in the Vannes' barn.
Take the items to where Ingride lies in the Stonebridge Mill, and there you will perform the ritual."
Which one do I use first?
"Offer the Dremora heart first to summon the dark spirit, then light the ritual candle to enchant it, and finally offer the scamp heart to dispel it.
Memorize this, for it must be done in this order."
What if I use them in the wrong order?
"When one meddles in such dark practices, anything is possible.
I suggest you proceed with care and make sure to enact the ritual properly."
[Intimidate] Hold on. You're helping me with this.
"I'm afraid I would only be a liability in a fight.
I can, however, offer you my amulet for some assistance, but you will still need to gather the items."
What are the items?
"You will need to acquire the hearts of two different daedra. A scamp and a Dremora…"<Repeats from above>
Tell me more about Vaermina.
"Vaermina is the most horrid of Daedric Princes. Dreams and nightmares are her dark domain.
Whatever her agenda on our plane may be—you can trust it is not good. The Supernal Dreamers intentions with Ingride Vanne make that clear."
What is Pariah Abbey?
"The Abbey is home to the Spirit Wardens, devoted to Azura, Queen of Dawn and Dusk.
Yes, we are a cult, but King Emeric makes allowances because Azura is benevolent. Vaermina is not—as her intentions with Ingride Vanne make clear."

If you speak to him again, he'll only say, "Azura go with you, friend. I hope her blessing might dispel the curse of Vaermina's cultists."

Dreams to Nightmares[edit]

On the north side of Pariah Abbey near the entrance of the Moonlit Maw, you'll find Brother Perry in dire straights yet again. He'll be lying on the ground in pain along side a dead body:

"It was a trap. They knew we were coming!"
What trap? Who knew?
"The Supernal Dreamers! Master Muzgu said they were up to no good—and he was right!
He and Brother Gerard are fighting them off. I … ran to get help. Can you save them?"
I'll see what I can do.
"I'll be all right. I'm hurt, but I'll live.
But I think I've been here long enough. I'm heading for points east."

Wayrest Castle[edit]

You can find him in the castle after saving King Emeric.

"And so we meet again. Tabakah and I were actually just on our way back to the Abbey.
We heard Abbot Durak was here so we came to tell him that the shrine was cleansed. I guess you beat us to it, though."
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