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Help two brothers recover some medicinal plant sap from an Ayleid ruin.
Zone: Malabal Tor
Quest Giver: Daine
Location(s): Black Vine Ruins
Reward: Average Leveled Gold
Daine and his brother, Dariel, came to the ruins in search of a plant which grows in the light of an Ayleid well. Its sap is rumored to cure any malady.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Daine.
  2. Search for Dariel.
  3. Collect the plant sap.
  4. Talk to Dariel.
  5. Return to Daine.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Inside Black Vine Ruins, near the entrance, you'll see Daine seated upon the ground, lamenting, "Dariel... I was supposed to die... Not you..." Speak to him to start the quest:

"Who's there? Dariel?
No, you're someone else. Please, don't kill me. I've nothing of value to steal."
I'm not going to kill you.
"Then you're not a bandit? Thank the Eight for small blessings.
My brother Dariel wasn't as lucky. He thought he could outsmart the bandits in the ruins. Now he's gone. He'd do anything to find a cure for me, but all I pray for now is his safety."
Are you sick?
"I've been sick most of my life. We came looking for a plant, one that grows by the light of an Ayleid well. They say its sap can heal any malady.
The bandits stopped us, but Dariel made a deal in exchange for passage. I haven't seen him since."
I'll see if I can find him.

Inside the ruins, you'll find a number of personnel working for the Red Sun Bandits — the usual arrangement of melee fighters, archers, and the occasional mage. Some of these enemies are capable of summoning dire wolves to fight alongside them, but as with any summon, killing the summoner kills the wolves. Deeper in the ruins, you'll also begin to encounter Stranglers.

Once you find Dariel, speak to him.

"Don't think because I'm wounded that I won't defend myself. The stranglers won't have much to devour after I'm done with you!"
Daine sent me to find you.
"Daine's still breathing? Then I've still got a reason to go on.
I have to get that plant's sap before it's too late!"
Stay here. I'll get the plant sap for you.
[Persuade] Your brother wants you out safely. Get out while you can.

Collecting the sap[edit]

If you tell Dariel that you will get the sap for him:

Dariel replies:

"What? Why would you risk your neck for us?
I'm not in a position to argue. The plant should be near the Ayleid well. Be careful of the stranglers. They don't care whether their meat is dead or alive."

The Luminous Plant you seek is located directly next to the Blackvine Strangler, the boss for this cave. You will very likely have to kill it before you can safely collect the sap. Once you have the sap, speak to Dariel:

"Can't hardly keep my eyes open. I hope I don't bleed out before I can get back to Daine.
Did you find the plant?"
Yes. Now let's get you out of here.
"I still can't believe you came along. Me and my brother, we were orphaned. Haven't been able to rely on anyone but ourselves since.
This sap'll give Daine a fighting chance. Let's go while I'm still conscious."

Fight through the Red Sun Bandits and return to the ruins' entrance. When you approach Daine, talk to Dariel again to complete the quest:

"Daine's not looking good. I need to get him out of here.
Don't think either of us would've made it if you hadn't come along. I don't say this very often ... thank you."
Do you really think the sap will heal your brother?
"It's all we have to hold on to right now. I ... have my doubts, but I need to stay strong for Daine.
But even so, this was all worth it. Just to know there're good people in this world. People like you."

The brothers will converse as they stagger out of the ruin:

Dariel: "We've got the sap, brother. One trip to the alchemist, and you'll be right as rain!"
Daine: "Dariel? I didn't think I'd see you again!"
Dariel: "We're sticking together from now on. I promise."

Escorting Dariel[edit]

Alternatively, If you persuade Dariel to leave before getting the sap:

Dariel replies:

"He said that? After all this, he wants to give up? Daine and I, what've we got besides each other?
Doesn't matter what you say. I'll find a way to save him, with or without that plant."

After this, Dariel will begin to follow you. You must bring him to near the place where you met Daine. Once there, he will stand next to his brother and you will need to talk to Dariel to finish the quest. He will say:

"Daine? What've you done to him? Brother, we're getting out of here! Daine!"
I didn't do anything to him.
"Of course not. Silly of me to think you'd lift a finger to do anything at all!
Well, you've done your good deed for the day. I need to attend to my brother. Excuse me."


  • If you persuade Dariel to leave with you, you don't get the sap to cure Daine.

Quest Stages[edit]

Brothers and Bandits
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The bandits in the ruins wouldn't let the brothers pass. They agreed to allow Dariel to venture into the ruins with the bandits, but he hasn't returned. I've agreed to search the ruins for him.
Objective: Find Dariel
Objective: Talk to Dariel
Hidden Objective: Escort Dariel to Safety
Dariel doesn't want to leave until he has the plant sap. He asked me to look for a plant next to the Ayleid well. I should look for the plant and take its sap.
Objective: Collect the Plant Sap
I got the plant sap. I should return it to Dariel at the back of the ruins.
Objective: Bring the Sap to Dariel
I found Dariel at the back of the ruins and collected the plant sap that should heal Daine. Now I need to escort Dariel back to the entrance of the ruins.
I found Dariel at the back of the ruins, collected the plant sap that should heal Daine and escorted Dariel to safety. I should speak to Dariel to see what he plans to do next.
Objective: Talk to Dariel
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