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Cahusque Coutenan
Home City Wayrest
Location Temple of the Divines
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Hard Profession Priest
Cahusque Coutenan

Cahusque Coutenan is a Breton priest found inside the Temple of the Divines in Wayrest.


He tells you about Dibella.

"Always be open and true to love and the beauty it brings."

After the At-Tura Estate objective:

"The victims of Vaermina's treachery are in my heart and prayers."
What can you tell me about Dibella?
"Dibella is the goddess of beauty. Her cults vary wildly due to the range in which beauty may be expressed and worshipped. One may contain painters and sculptors, while another contains those who choose to explore beauty in a more sensual way."
Is focusing on beauty seen as superficial?
"Perhaps to some outsiders, but we uphold both external and internal beauty. Our wish is to spread this beauty across all of Nirn, so everyone may learn to value both."