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Captain Irinwe
Home City Mistral
Location Serpent's Kiss
Race Maormer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Sea Vipers
Captain Irinwe

Captain Irinwe is the Maormer captain of Serpent's Kiss. She dislikes strangers on her ship and threatens to throw anyone who is not a member of her crew into the water.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-related Events[edit]

The Perils of Diplomacy[edit]

As part Harrani's investigation, you will investigate Serpent's Kiss. If engaged in conversation, Irinwe will say:

"Get off my ship before I throw you off."
I need to get into your hold.
"And I need a new rigging and a serving wench. Too bad for us both.
Now get off my deck before I throw you off."
Maybe this will change your mind? [0000006969 Gold]
["Well, that's a serving wench.
Three minutes. If my sailors see your hands where they shouldn't be, I'll keelhaul you myself."
I'm Harrani's deputy. You will let me belowdecks.
"Why didn't you say so! You're a deputy of the guard? The same guard whose authority ends where my ship begins?
On the dock, or in the water. Your choice."
[Lie] I'll leave.
"On your way.
And don't bother my sailors. They know I'll turn their hides into sailcloth if I catch them shirking."

If spoken to after being bribed, she will say:

"You got what you wanted. Off with you."

If you retrieve the key from Bosun Guldarol instead of bribing the captain, and then speak to her, she will ask:

"Now what?"
[Lie] All right, all right. I'm going.

If spoken to after investigating the ship, she will say: "If you touched anything, you'll answer to me."