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Captain Rana
Home Settlement Bleakrock Village
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact
Captain Rana

Captain Rana is the Dunmer leader of the troops garrisoned at Bleakrock Isle, and will be there to greet new Ebonheart Pact players when they awake at the island. According to Letter to Rana, she was stripped of her command and rank and court martialed for undisclosed conduct. She evidently made a hasty decision without proper proof, a decision which got soldiers killed. As conveyed in her log, she ended up in exile on Bleakrock Isle commanding a garrison of "stinking Nords". Sergeant Seyne remained loyal to her commander and followed her to Bleakrock. She took over command there from Tillrani Snow-Bourne, who continued to reside in Bleakrock Village and criticize Rana's performance, even sometimes contravene her orders to the troops. Tillrani is especially critical of Rana's decision to send the garrison's troops off after a mysterious ship they spotted instead of following procedure by lighting their signal fire and evacuating. Rana's recently been having strange dreams, and is concerned about what Tillrani may try to do if she found out.

Depending on your choices in the quests she is involved in, she may later appear in Davon's Watch, Ebonheart and Kragenmoor as you progress through Stonefalls' quests.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

A Beginning at Bleakrock[edit]

If you woke up on the island, Rana remarks, "You're the one Holsgar pulled out of the water. I'm glad you're up. I could use your help." You can ask Rana about how you got to the island, and she explains:

"A fisherman found you washed up on the beach. He brought you back to town. It's a miracle you survived."

Alternatively, you will be directed to speak with her by Mathor. Regardless, she will get down to business: "I'm short on good help, and I could use someone capable. Someone like you."

If you ask what she wants, she'll respond:

"You've seen combat, and I need all the help I can get today. Villagers are scattered across the island. We need to warn them."

Ask why, and she'll elaborate:

"We sighted a ship offshore. I've sent my troops to investigate. If it's the vanguard of an invasion ... well, we'll need to evacuate."

Ask where to start looking, and she'll say:

"You'll find the people of Bleakrock all across the island. Darj, the hunter, went to Skyshroud Barrow. Eiman's out at Orkey's Hollow with his sister, Rolunda. Seyne, my sergeant, is out at Hozzin's Folly."

Three topics will follow. Select Skyshroud Barrow, and she'll say:

"It's an old dragon shrine. It's a relic of the Dragon Wars. Some of the villagers claim they saw undead out there. I sent Darj out to get proof."

As for Orkey's Hollow, she'll say:

"Locals claim it's haunted. They dare each other to spend a night inside. It's a silly custom, but a harmless one."

Moving on to Hozzin's Folly, she'll say:

"It's an abandoned mine. A family came out from Stonefalls to work the place. Rumor has it they're Daedra worshippers. Now some bandits are hunting through the place, and we need to know why."

Push for more information, and she'll continue:

"I'll answer what I can. Captain Tillrani's got the villagers thinking I'm an addled netch, but I'm actually a bit smarter than that."

Ask how she ended up there, and she'll admit:

"Posted to this backwater, you mean? I made a hasty decision, a bad call. Soldiers died. I learned my lesson. Now I don't act without proof."

Ask what Tillrani has against her, and she'll say:

"I took her job. You might have heard her yelling about that in the square. It's petty, but what can I do? Every time I've reached out to her, she's slapped my hand."

You can ask Rana about the races of the Pact, which varies depending on the player's race. On Nords, she'll say:

"I like Nords. Most Nords I've met are strong of arm and heart. I call them the proud spine of the Pact. I'm also more comfortable behind their swords than in front of them."

If the player is a Nord, she'll say:

"A Nord asking me about Nords. Clever... for a Nord.
Honestly? Your people impress me. Most I've met are stout and adventurous. Strong of arm and heart. Good folk."

To a fellow Dunmer, she'll say:

"I won't speak for you, friend, but I live to enact the will of the Tribunal, our living gods. With their help, we can meet any challenge. If the Nords are the arm of the Pact, and the if the Argonians are the heart, we're the brains."

Finally, on Argonians:

"The Argonians are a mystery to me. The ones I've met keep to themselves. Good scouts, I'll give them that. Not long ago, the Dunmer held them as slaves. That ended with the founding of the Pact. Now we're all best friends."

The Missing of Bleakrock[edit]

Coming back before finding all of the villagers and after helping Sergeant Seyne:

"You're back! Is it true?"
The Daggerfall Covenant is amassing for an attack.

After finding all the missing villagers:

"I'll prepare the town for evacuation. Find as many people as you can and send them back here."
I've gathered all the missing villagers, Rana.
"The people of Bleakrock owe you.
I owe you."
Let's get going.
"You're right. We can't wait any longer.
Vivec preserve us all."

Sparking the Flame[edit]

"The Covenant is here. They've taken the signal fire, and we need to warn the mainland.
I need you to carve a path through them and light it. The beacon stands atop the tower just outside town."
Where are you going to be?
"I'm going to rally the villagers and get them ready to go.
Find Tillrani when you're done at the tower. She'll hold the way open. She knows where to go."
I'll do it. Good luck, Rana.
"Get that fire lit. We'll be ready to go when you get back."
Where are we going? Has the boat returned?
"I don't expect to see those troops again. We're headed for a beach on the far side of the island.
They don't think I know about it, but smugglers sometimes anchor in that cove. I just hope we catch a break."

Once you're done at the signal fire:

"Welcome back. The villagers you rallied are ready to move."
Then we've done everything we can.
"I just wish we could have done more.
Well, then! Are you ready to get off this rock?"

Escape from Bleakrock[edit]

"You and I are going to lead the way through the tomb. The locals call it Last Rest.
Darj and Seyne are going to bring up the rear. We'll make sure everyone keeps moving."
Are you sure we can make our way through?
"Tribunal willing. I've studied a map of the tomb's layout, but I never dared to enter.
This place is old. The original inhabitants of Bleakrock rest inside... and not quietly."
What are we waiting for, then?

Inside the tomb, there are spike traps blocking the way. You will need to shut them off to allow the refugees safe passage:

"Two switches will shut these traps off. We need to hit them at the same time.
Get the one on the far wall. I'll hit mine when you do."

Once the traps are shut off:

Captain Rana: "Darj, bring them through."

Once the refugees are safely past you, speak with Captain Rana:

"So many dead because of me. I don't know if I'll be able to live with myself after this."
The villagers need you to lead them to safety.
"They need a leader, but they're stuck with me."
Where do we go from here?
"I need you to unlock a door deeper inside the tomb. That door will have stones with flower symbols upon it.
Head through the door behind me. I'll see you soon."

Unlocking the door:

Captain Rana: "This way."
Captain Rana: "I'll meet you on the other side of that door."

Meeting up with Captain Rana again:

"We're almost out.
I'll unlock the door at the bottom of the stairs. In the next room, there's another switch I'll need you to trigger."

The snow-filled chamber:

"The cove should be just beyond this door.
I'll go on ahead. Wait for the rest of them here."

At the cove:

"Our shellback friend here will get us to safety. He's a hero of the Pact!
And for what I've promised to pay him, he'd better be."
Where are we headed?
"I fear the Covenant would intercept us if we went straight for Davon's Watch.
So we're going to make for Dhalmora, a small town down the coast. Are you ready to go?"
Let's get out of here.
"We're here. The villagers are safe for the moment.
But the Covenant's still coming. We've got to get word to Davon's Watch."
I'm ready, Rana. What do we do now?
"We sprint. If we act quickly, we might be able to alert Davon's Watch before the Covenant ships arrive.
You ready?"

If By Sea[edit]

"Go to the watchtower, just past the village of Dhalmora.
Tell the soldiers there to light the signal fires along the coast. The fires will warn Davon's Watch that war is upon them."
Where are you headed?
"I'm going to rally folks here and in Dhalmora. Get the battle-ready mustered. Send the non-combatants to safety with Darj.
Now hurry. The fate of Davon's Watch depends on you."
I'm on my way.

You can ask her more questions at this point:

"Get to the watchtower as soon as you can.
There's just no time."
Where are we?
"We're far southeast of Bleakrock. It's a coastal region of Morrowing called Bal Foyen.
Behind you is the Inner Sea, and across that is the island of Vvardenfell."
What is Davon's Watch?
"It's the biggest port in Stonefalls and one of the largest cities. Most of the trade on the Inner Sea passes through here at some point.
It'll be the first place the Covenant hits. I just know it."
What kind of town is Dhalmora?
"It's an Argonian town, full of canals, mud houses, and mosquitos.
Bal Foyen was just a swamp before the Great Houses donated it to their former slaves. Believe it or not, Fort Zeren used to be an entry point for the slaves brought from Black Marsh."

She will be at the docks standing near Sergeant Seyne and Sergeant Endril. If spoken to at the docks:

"This pup is confident that we'll repel the Daggers. After Bleakrock, I'm not confident in anything.
The only things I trust are my blade, my sergeant, and you."
How do we look?
"Not sure. I think we'll hold.
The biggest surprise today is the smallest Earth-Turner."
Trynhild is here?
"Three keep us, yes. She's on the other side of the bridge. Rolunda's sparring with her even now.
Tryn's got the fire of a Dark Elf and the strong back of a Nord."


Breaking the Tide[edit]

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