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Carpenter Carpenters are vendors who sell a variety of unidentified wooden gear and some crafting materials. Not to be confused with Woodworkers.

Zone Settlement Store Carpenter
Aldmeri Dominion
Auridon Skywatch Island Woodworks Ambre Leraud
Vulkhel Guard Timber & Tools Heranwen
Grahtwood Elden Root Grahtwood's Bounty Nolinore
Haven Haven Foundry Pruzga [a]
Greenshade Marbruk Pact-Safe Woodworks of Marbruk Sarirna
Woodhearth Shipshape Carpentry Azarg
Khenarthi's Roost Mistral Old Sawdust Mill Splinter-Paws
Malabal Tor Velyn Harbor Smithy of Velyn Harbor Tutorius Asellio [a]
Reaper's March Dune Artisans Alley Aranorne [a]
Rawl'kha Planed Plank Carpentry Maesar
Daggerfall Covenant
Alik'r Desert Sentinel The Alik'r Desert's Rare Woods Aideh al-Satakalaam
Bangkorai Evermore Chrinitte's Carpentry Corner Louic Chrinitte
Hallin's Stand Desert Sun Woodshop Eban [a]
Betnikh Stonetooth Fortress Timber & Plank Monar
Glenumbra Aldcroft Dockside Green Kylian Garick
Crosswych Iron Mine Arms & Armor Nilenir Tree-Killer
Daggerfall Daggerfall Millworks Kothon Bear-Master
Rivenspire Shornhelm Hammer & Saw Carpentry Cuts-with-the-Grain
Stormhaven Wayrest The Bough and Birdsmouth Lagbuga gra-Rug
Stros M'Kai Port Hunding Mael's Manufactory Mael Ancent
Ebonheart Pact
Bal Foyen Dhalmora Sappy-Saw Woodworks Bokeeus
Bleakrock Isle Bleakrock Village Ice-Wolf Lumber Vidusil Ice-Wolf [b]
Deshaan Mournhold Drethani Carpentry Byla Drethan [c]
Eastmarch Windhelm The Tree's Bounty Volknar Coldheart
The Rift Riften Sand and Dust Strav Hlor
Shadowfen Stormhold Jagged-Peak Carpentry & Supply Algunda Jagged-Peak
Stonefalls Davon's Watch Silver-Gills Woodworks Silver-Gills
Ebonheart Stonecrush Lumber Camp Snushbesh
Kragenmoor Sugar-Side Woodworking Sanabi [c]
Coldharbour The Hollow City Cold Iron Forge Hurabesh [a]
The Earth Forge Franja Snowpeak [a]
Eyevea The Loom and Lathe Tangarion [a]
^aAppears at this location after related liberation/restoration quest.
^bAbandons this location once it becomes overrun by enemy forces.
^cHas the "Can you tell me about woodworking?" dialogue option.