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Home Settlement Silent Mire
Location Abandoned Mud Hut
House Churasu's Hut
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Churasu is an Argonian alchemist found in the settlement of Silent Mire. She had ambitious plans to take control of the local giant wasps and use them as guards. The potions she brewed for that purpose worked, but the wasps were more docile and skittish than she expected. She keeps one as a pet, and has named it Chezik. Churasu is a skilled alchemist, but also a forgetful one—the result of a past laboratory accident involving fire salts.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

If you enter the Abandoned Hut she's located in, you'll startle her.

"You startled me! I thought you were a Khajiiti pirate."
What are you doing in here?
"I couldn't just leave the wasps! I made a mixture that fooled them into thinking we're part of their hive. I thought they'd be wonderful guard creatures but—not so much.
But I've got a new formula that should turn them into an angry army."
An army against the pirates? What do you need?
"Let's see—a half dozen wasp gizzards. But then you would have to get to my hut on the shore to make the concoction. I left my alchemy journal there.
When it's made, toss the mixture onto the tree outside my hut. That will rile the wasps up!"
I'll take care of it.

You can now ask her more questions about the task at hand.

"Aren't the wasps just adorable?
Be careful not to get stung. The venom is very painful. Oh, and so are the foot-long stingers."
Why did you try to tame wasps?
"I thought the wasps could be useful. I had some success with the process, as you can see by my sweet Chezik here.
But they are skittish creatures, especially when they reach their full size."
[Persuade]You know, I could deal with this faster if you had a few gizzards to spare.
"I was saving these. They're rather tasty when roasted and seasoned properly.
Since you're helping us, it would only be fair to give you what I have."
Do you have any gizzards you can give me?
"I don't, I'm afraid. But there are plenty of wasps in the field.
I'm sure you'll have no trouble collecting what you need."
How do I make the concoction after I collect the gizzards?
"My hut has everything you need—a calcinator, an alembic, a mortar, and all the essentials.
My alchemy journal should also be there. Just follow the instructions and you'll be good to go."
But what goes into it, besides the gizzards?
"Don't worry. My journal contains all the details. I wrote everything down.
Ever since that accident, with the fire salts and ectoplasm, my memory has been a bit shaky. Or was it fire salts and fly amanita? I can never remember exactly."

Returning to her after creating the concoction:


After turning the wasps on the pirates and making the wasps friendly towards you:


After the quest:

"The wasps like you now. They shouldn't attack you anymore. Not unless you hit them first.
They're smart creatures. Certainly smarter than Khajiit!"
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