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Home Settlement Redfur Trading Post
Location Laughing Moons Plantation
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Cinder-Tail is a Khajiit living at Laughing Moons Plantation. He trains the senche-tigers to catch rats that infest the farm. However, recently the tigers have become lazy from ingesting moon sugar, so the farm remains unprotected from the pests. Upon confronting him about this, Cinder-Tail will suggest that you instead lure thunderbugs to destroy the rats' nests in the farm.

Cinder-Tail can also be found outside Redfur Trading Post. He and Gobani received stolen goods from the Hollow Moon, a group of thieves in the city. He was detained by a local guard who saw him stealing moon sugar.

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A Pinch of Sugar[edit]

When you approach his house you can overhear Cinder-Tail yelling at his tiger-senches.

Cinder-Tail: "You let rats get the better of you? And you call yourself warriors!"

His disappointment in them is palpable when you speak with him.

"Want to buy a carpet? How about three? They aren't good for much else.
Yes, Afeh, even you!"
What's wrong with your senche-tigers?
""Do not eat the rats," this one says. Do they listen? No!
Stupid senche. Lazy senche!"
It doesn't matter why. Juranda-ra said you need to get them moving.
"Not with sugarbellies. These useless senche could only kill a rat if they fell upon it. From a great height."
Why can't they eat the rats?
"They already did. That's the problem! Moon sugar makes you sleepy if you eat too much.
Rats eat moon sugar, senche eat rats, and then? Lazy senche! Especially you, Gobani."
Can you get them moving again?
"Not with sugarbellies. These useless senche could only kill a rat if they fell upon it. From a great height."
If the senche won't move, what will you do about the Thalmor inspection?
"Go inside, lock the doors, wait until they leave? No, let this one think. Without senche hunters, what could ….
Thunderbugs … heh. No, it would never work."
What about thunderbugs?
"Thunderbugs nest nearby. They defend their delicious eggs from anyone who'd make a meal of them, yes? If you grabbed an armload of eggs …."
Won't they try to protect their eggs?
"Undoubtedly! But they'd hesitate to harm the eggs, once you possess them. Smash an egg into each rat nest, and the thunderbug's electric frenzy kills the rats before the inspectors arrive.
You're sturdy, yes? A little shock won't stop you!"
All right. I'll see if it works.
"Wonderful! Save some eggs for Cinder-Tail, yes? They are so very tasty!"

If you talk with him after hearing his plan:

"Cinder-Tail knows you'll succeed.
You hear that, lazy senche? This one could replace the lot of you with thunderbugs!"

When you are near his home, you will occasionally hear him talk to his senches.

Cinder-Tail: "Mara! This one raised you from birth. What would your mother say?"
Cinder-Tail: "Lazy senche. Useless!"

Once you have exterminated the rat nests using the thunderbugs, Cinder-Tail can be found relaxing with his tiger-senches.

"The stench of fried rat heralds your arrival! Are there any eggs left? Motivating tigers is hungry work."
No, the thunderbug eggs are all gone.
"A pity. Someday you must show me your technique for egg acquisition, yes? It would be good to have alternatives the next time these lazy muskarses go on a sugar binge.
Even you, Marapa!"

Flipping the Coin[edit]


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