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(lore page)
Species Clannfear
Health 41957
Reaction Hostile
A green Clannfear

Clannfears are aggressive, quick, and dangerous Daedric creatures. They have a small frill, plated spikes on their spines, and a deadly tri-tipped tail. They are flock inclined—they will work together to bring down enemies—but they are still deadly individually. They have bird-like movements, but retain an almost brutish quality to their attacks.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

A basic melee headbutt that does minor physical damage.
Tail Spike
The clannfear swings its tail around, doing moderate physical damage to all enemies around it as indicated by a red circle.
Rending Leap
The clannfear leaps on the target, stunning them for a while.
While stunned, the clannfear will chew on the target, dealing moderate physical damage over time and healing itself up. This can be interrupted or broken free from.

Quests Involving Clannfear[edit]


Unique Clannfear[edit]