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Corporal Aldouin
Location Farwatch Tower
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Lion Guard
Corporal Aldouin

Corporal Aldouin is a Breton member of the Lion Guard fighting the Aldmeri Dominion soldiers found at the Farwatch Tower.

Related Quests[edit]


Wayward Scouts[edit]

You'll find Aldouin southwest below the tower itself, doubled over and panting under the cover of a nearby tree:

"Ambushed! Of all the stupid luck. I barely got out of there alive."
What happened?
"Our scouting party was ambushed. With all the fighting and confusion, we got separated.
Now I'm too badly hurt to find my scouts."
I can search for your scouts.
"Really? That would ease my mind. Curse these wounds or I'd go along with you!
The last time I saw my scouts, they were retreating toward the tower. They're raw recruits and I'm worried about them. Send anyone you find to the base of the tower."
Get to safety. I'll find your scouts.
This starts the quest
"I saw the other scouts run up the stairs toward the tower.
Watch out. The place is crawling with Dominion troops."
What were you doing out here?
"We were sent to gather information on the Dominion presence at Farwatch.
I can confirm that they're here in full force. And they certainly know how to fight!"
Why is the Dominion interested in the tower?
"It's out of the way and makes a great base of operations. They can signal their ships from the tower.
Unless our luck changes quickly, they can use the tower to launch a full-scale invasion of Glenumbra!"

After rescuing his party, he'll be found, along with his men, north of the tower near the beach tending to the wounded:

"Thanks for finding the missing scouts. I wasn't sure I'd see them alive again."