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This article is about the Breton sailor. For the Breton in the vision, see Lerisa.

Crafty Lerisa
Location Saintsport
KvatchDark Brotherhood (Crown Store)
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Daggerfall Covenant
Crafty Lerisa

Crafty Lerisa is a Breton sailor initially found in Saintsport. Captain Kaleen is interested in recruiting her, and she will join Kaleen's crew and participate in several quests by giving you a disguise to blend in enemy territory. She owns a pet monkey, Howler, who often can be found with her.

Related Quests[edit]


Stros M'Kai[edit]

Likes Moths to a Candle[edit]

missing quest dialogue

When you are ready to leave Stros M'kai, Lerisa can be found aboard the Spearhead.

"The Spearhead's no Maiden's Breath, but at least she doesn't have a giant hole in her side.
I'd be happy if we never saw land again."


Unearthing the Past[edit]

missing quest dialogue

Carzog's Demise[edit]

missing quest dialogue


"Well met, my friend. You look well."
How have you been, Lerisa?
"Still without a ship, though sailing with Kaleen pays well enough. We're raiding for Fahara'jad now, even have a nice bonus for sinking those damned Elves.
Soon I'll have enough to strike out on my own again."
Are you happy here?
"Happy's a relative term, my dear. I'm no dog of the king, and I really don't care who wins this war, but so long as the covenant pays well, I see no harm in helping my countrymen.
Telonil's working his magic. We won't be at this for long."


Children of Yokuda[edit]

Alik'r Desert[edit]


She can be found in the Frozen Palms Tavern along with some of her crew.

"What do we have here? A legend among heroes! You're looking good."
Lerisa, are you drunk?
"I'm celebrating. Telonil and I just signed a contract for a new ship. The Maiden's Sigh. I'll have the wind in my hair on the deck of my own ship.
We're going to be a crew again."
I'm glad to hear it.
"Don't think I haven't heard about your exploits. Rumors abound. You've toppled Daedric Princes, defeated armies, saved more people than I can count.
One day soon, I'll be saying "I knew you when"."
I've done what I can.
"Just like you did back on Stros M'Kai. That was a fun time, wasn't it?
I'm glad you're here. I really am. Have one last drink with me. Once my ship is back on the open sea, I don't know when I'll be back."
How is Jakarn doing?
"Adorable. He'd almost have me convinced, if there wasn't a line of women from here to Bangkorai who heard the same promises.
It's the chase that drives him. He loves it. So long as he's enjoying that, why spoil it for him?"
So you have no plan to return his advances?
"I'm not the settling type. But, if I make port five years from now and he's still pining, I might just consider it.
Come to think of it, that would be a nice way to celebrate."

Gold Coast[edit]

Pious Intervention[edit]

After finishing the quest, at Enrick's Public House in Anvil.

"Decided to take me up on that offer of a drink? Good! I don't mind drinking alone, but I could use the company.
Besides, Howler just gets mean when he's had a few mugs of ale."
So how have things been since you repaired the Maiden's Breath.
"Wonderful. Telonil's done a remarkable job in growing our fortune, Haerdon and Mekag are in fighting shape, and patrols have grown sparse since the war in Cyrodiil.
I've got nothing against Captain Kaleen, mind you, but a woman needs her own ship."
Is Jakarn still pursuing you?
"Not that I'd ever kiss and tell, my dear, but if nothing else, I remain amused by his advances.
Do you know he memorized a book of Redguard poetry and quoted it at me? That was almost charming. And of course, there was the trained monkey."
Trained monkey?
"It wore an adorable hat and clutched a wrapped gift. Perhaps Jakarn thought that since I enjoy Howler's company, the way to my heart was through a monkey.
Howler chased the creature off, so I have no idea what was in the box."
You seem all right with your sister disappearing again.
"It's what we do. She'll come back when she gets bored or she needs something. She always does.
Howler's a bit disappointed he didn't get more time with her, but he'll get over it. Nothing a few dozen mugs of ale won't cure."

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