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Criminal Correspondence is a collection of books, letters and notes that make up part of the Eidetic Memory.

Title Author Description Location
A Letter to the Mayor
A Perfect Score
Hundred-Scales A letter regarding the potential treasures within Arx Corinium
  • Shadowfen, southwest of White Rose Prison [1]
A Smuggler's Plan
A note regarding Moon Sugar smuggling
A Word to the Wise
H A warning regarding missed shipments
About the Boss
An unfavorable letter regarding an employer
Articles of the Sakkr-al-Behr
Rules of conduct for a pirate crew
Azum's Journal
Azum The journal of a disgruntled business partner
Bashshi-ra Inquiry
Bjoulsae Boys Charter
Curnard the Generous The charter of a bandit gang
Black Dagger Recall Orders
Hegris the Black Dagger
  • Cyrodiil, in a Black Dagger Camp south of Sejanus Outpost.
Blackguard Instructions, One
Margus Derius
Blackguard Instructions, Two
Margus Derius
Blackguard Instructions, Three
Margus Derius
Broken Helm Notes
Burnt Note
Advisor Norion Orders from a commander
Camandar's Journal
Camandar The journal of a frustrated thief
Captain Lagra's Ledger
Thibel Fairclerk
Confessions of a Khajiiti Fur Trader
A Khajiit's memoir of the black market fur trade
Confessions of a Skooma Eater
Tilse Sendas A narrative of a cured skooma addict
  • Bookshelves, particularly Bangkorai, Coldharbour and The Rift
Cover Every Approach
The Hound
Curnard's Journal
Curnard the Generous The journal of a formerly generous man
Dealing with Quitters
A stern notice regarding membership of the Bitterhand Bandits
Deckhand's Log
A deckhand's journal focusing on his desire to join Captain Blackheart's crew
Digging Orders
Camandar Orders to the workers
Don't Mess This Up
A stern warning regarding an incoming shipment
End of My Patience
Krin Ren-dro A bounty letter calling for the head of a Colovian raider
Excuses Don't Buy Mansions
C A forewarning letter
Fjar's Interrogation Transcript
Flyleaf Catacombs
A bandit's musings on his regretful path in life
For Mathal
Enak-do A letter of warning regarding an unpaid debt
For the Doyen, Sleek Splendid-Paws
Lithyyorion A business proposition
Get Back to Work
A warning to mutineers
Gilded Letter
Canonreeve Valano A letter outlining some issues with the plan
Gold Coast Missive
Greetings from the Orcthane
Fildgor Orcthane
Harrani's Report
Harrani A report on several recent disturbances
Hidden-Hands' Journal
Hidden-Hands A thief's journal
Hizrabi's Report
Hizrabi-do A letter regarding a scouting mission to Do'Krin Monastery
Hope and Recriminations
A letter regarding a planned smuggling operation to Summerset
Ilessan Tower
T A letter regarding the looting of Ilessan Tower
In the Event of Your Demise
Advisor Norion Should you fail....
  • Slightlty northwest of the Inner Tanzelwil exit in Glenumbra near a broken wall.
Instructions for Placement
Advisor Norion Instruction on where to place the corruption stones in Tanzelwil
  • On a cliff, overlooking the beach soutwest of the Tanzelwil map marker.
It's the Hunt that Counts
Severus Tappo A record of victims
  • From a journal page off of Severus Tappo
  • Post-quest, north of the Northern Imperial gate on a bed with Thaellin
Ithis Omalor's Orders
Magistrix Vox Orders to a subordinate
Journal of Garron
Investigator Garron
Khajiiti Note
Last Warning, Cat
Letter from Rakhad
Rakhad A threatening letter regarding an unpaid debt
Letter to Agnor
A vengeful letter to an Orcish chieftain
Letter to Ando
  • Crosswych, in the open-front warehouse southeast of the Stables.
Letter to Dhalen
Fildgor Orcthane A note regarding the planned assassination of High King Jorunn
Letter to Skull-Brother Xandier
Emutaril A letter from one collector to another
Letter to Zurga gra-Murtag
Grazubesha gra-Murag An Orc merchant writes to her sister
Lockpick Sales-Duty
SP A hateful letter
Message to Jena
Marcellus A letter regarding an unpaid debt
Nellor's Bandit Connection
No Reason to Worry
Nobility in Theft
Zizar-dar A Treatise on Conscientious Larceny
Notable Transactions
Note from Captain Accalia
Captain Accalia
Note from Khezuli's Contact
Quartermaster Oblan
Note from Sagabar
Bailiff Sagabar
Note on Broken Crate
Merdyndril A note indicating a plan is to go ahead
Note to Darius
Captain Accalia
Note to Gilbard
Note to Pellus
Captain Accalia
Note to Rufinus
Note to Selias
Tervur Sadri
  • Next to a corpse of a Dunmer male, behind the tree next to the bridge to Darkshade Caverns
Notes on Bewan
Note from a smuggler
Orders are Orders
Orders from the Chief
Recruiting a Ranger
Krin Ren-dro
Red Rook Orders
Red Rook Orders: Cryptwatch
Red Rook's Journal
A reminder of orders
  • Silsailen, directly north of the map marker behind the northern-most house.
Resources for Lukiul
Naril Heleran
Scrawled Note to Lorne
Skooma Runner Logs
Smuggler's Note
A note from an unsatisfied smuggler
Smuggler's Note
A jubilant note of a Veiled Heritance member
Sphinxmoth Bandit Leader's Notes
The musings of a bandit and his operations in Fort Sphinxmoth
Taking Tolls!
A bandit's musings on his lucrative business charging bridge tolls
Tattered Note
Zendrinn Outlaws plan to loot a Dwarven ruin
Telvanni Requirements
Llarel Telvanni A letter requesting a list of slaves meeting certain criteria
The Dose Makes the Poison
Zanziba the Clever Thoughts on a substance dosage
The Five Tenets
The honorable code of the Dark Brotherhood
The Ghost is Our Friend
Skull-Mother Fairynn A note of caution
The Interrogation of Henghild
Garmath the Bold An account of the unexpected events encountered during the interrogation of a witch
The Perfect Batch
Notes of an alchemist making a breakthrough
Tsanji's Ship Records
Tsanji The recent activity of a Khajiit pirate
Unlabeled Notes
Notes from a Sea Viper about the imminent attack on Cat's Eye Quay
  • Cat's Eye Quay, within an open crate in a building on stilts north of the map marker
Warning: I Heard You!
Camandar A warning to the workers
Watch Your Back
A bandit wants to teach a troublesome member of his gang a lesson
  • Portdun Watch, on a crate inside the gate leading back to the beginning.
We Expect Absolute Discretion
A note presumably written by the Bloodthorn Cult about receiving corpses from Stros M'Kai
  • Port Hunding Docks, on the westernmost dock's east side behind some vases
Your Final Chance
G. A bounty hunter's last chance to kill a Redguard