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Banner of the Cult

The Cult of the Ancestor Moth is a priesthood dedicated to reading the Elder Scrolls. Their higher ranking members, called Moth Priests or Augurs, study the scrolls for knowledge to the point where they lose their eyesight. For more information, see the lore article.

The group is headquartered at the Temple of the Ancestor Moths in Cyrodiil, where the Elder Scrolls they hid were stolen by the three Alliances and housed in large Scroll Temples. A subfaction called the Way of the Peaceful Fist is made up of the remaining residents of Temple. In the White-Gold Tower, Moth Sister Terran Arminus has been recruited by Empress Regent Clivia Tharn to find an Elder Scroll in the Tower's ruined library. Tharn's missing husband, Emperor Varen Aquilarios, became a member of the priesthood after waking up at the steps of the Abbey of the Moth Priests with no memory of his past life following the Soulburst.


Named Members
Crassius Viria (Moth Priest)
Sister Terran Arminus (Moth Priestess)
Adelais Tanier
Bellona Novatian
Marinus Laeca
Sandana Axius
Augur Volso
Brother Quintus Nerevelus
Moth Priest Belenius
Moth Priestess Theodosia
Moth Priest Pavonius
Varen Aquilarios (formerly)




  • At the Temple of the Ancestor Moths, white versions of the Cult's banner are found around the main hall of the temple, while a red variant is found in the catacombs.
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