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Location Fisherman's Isle
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Curinwe is an Altmer found at the Fisherman's Isle outside Haven.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

You can speak with her about the Lord Gharesh-ri's whereabouts.

"This makes little sense. How could pirates capture the largest port on the Long Coast without a fight?"
Have you seen Lord Gharesh-ri?
"He passed through on the way to Haven. Seemed more concerned with retaking the city than rescuing its people.
That's unkind. Some of my fisher-folk tried to sneak back inside, to bring family and friends. Too few have returned."
Do you know where Lord Gharesh-ri was going?
"He gave a big speech about throwing the pirates back into the sea. Almost believed he could do it, with his handful of soldiers.
Cross the marsh and head for Haven's outer ward. You'll find signs of the Cat Lord, I'm sure of it."
Can you tell me what happened in Haven?
"We were in our camp, bedding down for the night. Saw a big ship sail right up. No challenge from the dockmaster.
I took a boat out, paddled carefully. Then I saw Jackdaws pouring onto the docks."
What can you tell me about the marsh?
"Lots of nasty critters, but some good fishing on the sea-side. We usually head there in pairs. One to fish, one to watch for hoarvor.
Don't let your guard down."
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