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Darj the Hunter
Location Bleakrock Isle, Dhalmora, Fort Zeren
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact
Darj the Hunter

Darj the Hunter is a Nord hunter who was born and raised on Bleakrock Isle. He was offered a position in the Fighters Guild, but refused due to his dedication to Bleakrock.

He rewards you with his shield at the end of What Waits Beneath. After the quest Escape from Bleakrock, he can be found with the other refugees on the beach outside Dhalmora, and will turn up again at Fort Zeren. If you choose to defend Fort Zeren rather than the docks, Captain Rana will die and Darj will be promoted to replace her.

Related Quests[edit]


A Beginning at Bleakrock[edit]

If you choose to find and help Darj, you will find him just outside Skyshroud Barrow. When he sees you, he will pose you a question.

"Can you use that weapon, friend? I need your help."
Just tell me what's going on.
"There's a necromancer here, but I can't find him. He must be in the catacombs beneath the shrine. That's the only place that makes sense."

What Waits Beneath[edit]

Darj will greet you outside Skyshroud Barrow with:

"Something has to be done about these undead."
How can I help?
"The dead walk at Skyshroud. There's an evil power radiating from within the shrine, but the door's locked.
In the skalds' tales, every dragon shrine had a priest. If we could speak with Skyshroud's priest, he could tell us how to get in."
Speak to his spirit, you mean?
"If Shor's willing, yes. I brought a bag of incense to burn as an offering. The bone men got me before I could try the ritual.
You might have better luck. What do you say?"
Give me the bag. I'll see what I can do.
"I hope you have better luck at the shrine than I did. Watch yourself in there!"
"The barrow has been here for as long as anyone can remember.
Legends say a cult of dragon worshippers built it, as well as the shrines like it on the mainland."
No one has ever tried to get in?
"Some folks have, mostly youngsters. Until recently, this place was haunted by dust and the occasional frostbite spider.
Now skeletons rise from their graves. Something has changed."

When you return to him at the end of the quest, he'll say:

"The undead are gone. What did you do?"
I found evidence of a necromancer working with the Covenant.
"The Covenant? Here? Troll's blood! I have to warn the village.
I'll head back. See if you can find any of the other villagers on the island. We may have to evacuate soon."

The Missing of Bleakrock[edit]

"I wouldn't have thought those milk drinkers would leave their cozy taverns to come down here.
I'll have to get this wound seen to, then. I'm going to need my sword arm!"
What now, Darj?
"If that necromancer was working for the Covenant, we're all in danger. I'll head back to the village to prepare our defenses.
You'll need to search the island for villagers and send them back to Bleakrock Village. Good luck!"
I'll find as many as I can.

Escape from Bleakrock[edit]

If spoken to after Escape from Bleakrock, he will only say:

"Comrade! I'm heading to Fort Zeren to join the defenders. Perhaps I'll see you there."

In the keep at Fort Zeren, he will say simply:

"You came. Thank you. We're going to need all the help we can get."


"You came. Thank you.
We're going to need all the help we can get."
I'm with you, Darj.
"It's going to be a long day, my friend.
Get ready for some dirty work."

Zeren in Peril[edit]

"I want you between the Covenant attackers and the refugees.
The Covenant is here. They'll strike at any moment."
I'm willing, Darj.
"You have the heart of Ysgramor. Go out into the courtyard and help the Pact soldiers.
You've seen more combat than most of these milk drinkers. Show them what you know."
The Covenant won't know what hit them.
"Head into the fort. Defend it from Covenant attackers.
Kyne watch your hide, friend."

After closing several portals, Darj will appear:

Darj the Hunter: "The south gate... Denskar and Littrek are in over their heads."

After General Emax is slain and the master portal is closed:

Darj the Hunter: "Well fought! Meet me outside."

Quest turn-in:

"Ysgramor's heir indeed!
Thank you, my friend."
We've won the day?
"Damn their hides, yes! Fort Zeren is still in Pact hands.
The refugees wouldn't have made it without you. I hate to think what must have happened at the docks."

After the quest:

"Your choice must have been hard.
May Shor watch over Rana and the warriors at the docks."
  • Paradoxically, if you helped Rana at the docks, you might be able to come back and see Darj, where he'll say the above line.

Warning Davon's Watch[edit]

"Our people would be food for crows without you, my friend."
What's my next step?
"Head to Davon's Watch and report in. Holgunn should be on duty.
Clear skies and firm roads, my friend."
I'll talk to Holgunn.
"I'm sure we'll see each other again, friend."
How did the Bleakrock refugees handle the battle?
"As well as you'd expect. Honestly I was surprised by some of their ferocity.
They forge us tough in the north, eh?"

You can then find him in various locations throughout Stonefalls.


Davon's Watch[edit]

Darj will be mourning those lost at the docks with the remaining the Bleakrock survivors. You will notice that he has been promoted from Darj the Hunter to Captain Darj.

"Well met. As you can see, I've gathered the remaining Bleakrock veterans.
We're family now, to hear Aera tell it. We'll see."
What will you do now, Darj?
"Not sure. Never expected to be in the military, least of all as a commander. The lads want to keep up the fight. I expect we'll muster to the east with the rest of the troops.
Just hope we can keep everyone safe."


You'll find Captain Darj next at Ebonheart, camped out with the remaining Bleakrock survivors east of where the Nord woodsawyers and loggers are located.

"The Earth-Turners are going to make stone-blood warriors.
But I'm still not used to being in command."
Have you received any orders yet?
"No. Still waiting for order to muster out. Shor's Bones. If you'd told me a year ago that I'd be Captain in the Pact military, I'd have called you a damned liar. Hope I can remember which end of the blade to hold."


You will find Darj in Kragenmoor with Molla beside a stable beneath the first bridge, near the Dres Crypt.

"I have my own group of irregulars! I'm proud to receive so much responsibility. Kyne willing, we'll make a difference in this war.
The Pact will remember Bleakrock! I can't wait to muster out."
Where are you headed, Darj?
"We're going to Deshaan. Command isn't sure what's happening exactly, but there's some kind of outbreak of disease.
They think a group of irregulars will be able to do some good there."
How are the Earth-Turners working out?
"They're worried about Aera, but Rexus has adopted her. I'm sure she'll be fine.
Denskar and Littrek are able soldiers, even if they haven't had much training. A few more weeks in the field, and I'm sure they'll be hardened veterans."
What do you think of Molla's contribution?
"She's the heart of the group.
Without Molla, we'd still be a ragtag group of refugees. She's an incredibly capable woman."
I'm a little surprised Geilund and Halmaera are still with you.
"I asked them if they wanted to leave, but they're trying to forge a new life on the road. Before they moved to Bleakrock, they were traders.
Now they're champions of the coin, getting us new supplies for the journey! Who would have thought, eh?"
How can Eiman contribute to the war, exactly?
"He's a talented cook. He's been keeping us fed since we left Ebonheart. His sister kept him too sheltered on Bleakrock.
Now that he's got to earn his keep, Eiman's doing just fine."