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Find and destroy three deadly tomes.
Zone: Khenarthi's Roost
Quest Giver: Cartirinque
Location(s): Khenarthi's Roost
Reward: Inducer's Scalpel
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Will you destroy the books?
A spirit named Cartirinque warned me of dark knowledge sealed in three forbidden tomes. She asked me to find all three and destroy them in a shrine on Khenarthi's Roost.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find Cartirinque near one of the tomes.
  2. Collect the three cursed tomes:
    1. Ritual of Resonance, west of Eagle's Strand
    2. Ritual of Resonance, south of Mistral
    3. Masterwork of the Inducer, north-northeast of Eagle's Strand
    4. Masterwork of the Inducer, north-northeast of Temple of the Crescent Moons
    5. Journal of Bravam Lythandas, northwest of Temple of the Mourning Springs
    6. Journal of Bravam Lythandas, west of Mistral
  3. Find the shrine.
  4. Speak with Sahira-daro and Cartirinque.
  5. Burn the books or give them to Sahira-daro.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Miranya is attacked by daedra

While traveling on Khenarthi's Roost, you may run into Cartirinque, a spirit who warns you to stay away from where she is. She is referring to a book she calls cursed, which caused her death. She fears that it is calling to you as well, but you are, fortunately, not very susceptible to its magic. As a result, Cartirinque requests that you collect that book and two others, take them to a shrine, and destroy them before others get hurt.

Ritual of Resonance is on a crate in the shipwreck debris west of Eagle's Strand. Northeast of the Temple of the Crescent Moons, you will find Masterwork of the Inducer lying on a tree stump. As you approach it, you will hear a dark male voice with no discernible source say "Don't believe her lies!". Near it is a pristine white chair. When picking this one up, you will see a vision of Miranya sitting in the chair reading a book, when a Watcher appears behind her and attacks. She will yell "Wait! I only wanted to make something beautiful!" in a sad voice, and the vision will disappear.

A daedroth attacks Baezad-jo

The Journal of Bravam Lythandas is located to the northeast, north of the Temple of the Mourning Springs, on the beach. As you approach this one, the voice will return, saying "Knowledge... is power." A vision of a Khajiit, Baezad-jo, will appear. He says "Finally, I will find this fabled brush." However, the image of a daedroth appears to attack him. He pleads "Please... this one will stop looking!" yet is attacked anyway.

Travel south of Windcatcher Plantation to reach the shrine. The voice will say "Turn back master. Pain lies ahead. This is not the place for us!" once you arrive. There are a number of harpies around the shrine.

Find a Khajiit named Sahira-daro. She will tell you that normally, the shrine has an ever-burning flame, but for some reason it has gone out. She also reveals that the shrine is dedicated to Hermaeus Mora, and she came there to look into the flame and find knowledge, including the books that you now hold. She believes Cartirinque, who warned her as well, is a test to keep seekers like her away.

Cartirinque appears again before the both of you and urges you to throw the books into the flame, which she hasn't realized has gone out. She then decides to ignite the flame again using her own essence.

Now you are left with a choice. You may either destroy the books as Cartirinque requests, or give them to Sahira-daro. Sahira-daro will offer to pay you for them, as she has more value in them than you and, as a Khajiit, she is invested in trade.

Should you give the tomes to Sahira-daro, the flame will go out, Cartirinque will disappear without a word, and Sahira-daro will begin to wander off after giving you a token of hers and some gold. A moment later, she stops, saying she should examine her purchase. As she reads, an orange ball of magic appears behind her, eventually zapping her with a spark and taking her with it as it disappears.

Should you attempt to destroy the books, walk over to the brazier. The books will do their utmost to stop you.

<You lift the books toward the fire, but your hand freezes in place. You feel a prickling shoot across your skin. A faint pain blossoms in the back of your head.>
<Walk away without burning the books.>


<Burn the books.>
<Your hand remains in place, clutching the books. A chill shoots through your body. The pain in your head blooms.>
<Walk away. Protect the books.>


<Ignore the pain. Burn the books.>
<Your hand shakes and your vision blurs, but your fingers do not release their grip on the books. The pain in your head is excruciating.>
<Walk away. Walk away. Walk away.>


<Burn the books. Burn the books. Burn the books.>
<The books slip from your fingers. The flames roar. The pain fades.>

Once you succeed the voice that has been following you will cry out for the final time.

Unseen Voice: "Master, no! The flames burn us! It hurts, it hurts!"

After it is done, Sahira-daro will not be angry but disappointed, so talk to Cartirinque. She gives you the same reward as Sahira-daro's path, and then disappears.

Quest Stages[edit]

Dark Knowledge
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should speak with Cartirinque about what exactly she wants done with the books.
Objective: Talk to Cartirinque
I need to locate the three forbidden tomes before someone less capable stumbles upon them.
Objective: Collect Masterwork of the Inducer
Objective: Collect Ritual of Resonance
Objective: Collect Journal of Bravam Lythandas
I have all three forbidden tomes. I should search for the shrine Cartirinque mentioned when she first appeared.
Objective: Find the Ruined Shrine
I should investigate the ancient shrine and see what must be done to destroy the books.
Objective: Search the Shrine
Sahira-daro, a Khajiit seeking the forbidden tomes, says Cartirinque is a spirit sent to test mortals. I should speak with the spirit and learn the truth.
Objective: Talk to Cartirinque
I must decide whether to believe Cartirinque or Sahira-daro.
Complete one: Give the Tomes to Sahira-daro or Burn the Tomes in the Shrine's Brazier
☑Finishes quest (If you gave the books to Sahira-daro)

After she offered to pay me for the forbidden tomes, I gave them to Sahira-daro. I should see what she has to offer.

Objective: Talk to Sahira-daro
☑Finishes quest (If you destroyed the books)

I destroyed the tomes as Cartirinque asked. I should speak with her and see if there is anything more that must be done.

Objective: Talk to Cartirinque


  • The three books presence at the alternative positions depends on which incidence of Cartirinque that the quest was started from.