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Discover why the swamp is attacking an Argonian settlement.
Zone: Shadowfen
Objective: Xal Ithix — Discover secrets hidden in Xal Ithix's swamps.
Quest Giver: Long-Claw, Sharp-Eye, Fast-Finder
Location(s): Xal Ithix
Concurrent Quest: Missing in the Mire
Reward: Greaves of Corruption's End
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: 3670 XP
Something caused the creatures in Xal Ithix's swamps to become aggressive and attack the villagers.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Tree-Minder Nexith.
  2. Take the ritual potion to the stele around the xanmeer.
  3. Find Nexith at the top of the xanmeer.
  4. Remove the source of the corruption from the Hist tree.
  5. Go through the cave to the ritual site.
  6. Disrupt the ritual.
  7. Talk to Tree-Minder Nexith.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

If you speak to Sharp-Eye to start the quest, she is visibly injured and has this to say:

"Waxhuthi! It hurts."
Are you all right?
"What business is it of yours, outsider?
Forgive me. That's the pain speaking. My friends and I were scavenging in the swamp as we always do, but the creatures there suddenly went mad and attacked us. I barely got out alive."
Why do you think that happened?
"As the mud is my mother, I have no idea. I've been scavenging in Xal Ithix for years. It's not entirely safe, but nothing like this has ever happened.
You should talk to Tree-Minder Nexith. He's at his hut, at the end of the village. I'm sure he has some idea."
I'll find Tree-Minder Nexith.

Nexith can be found in his hut, similarly injured and surrounded by his broken belongings. Speak to him:

"Ah ... the corruption. It's too strong.
Who ... who are you? If you're allied with the Daedra, I'll send you back to Oblivion, screaming."
I'm here to help.
"Kaoc! You come at an opportune time, stranger. The Hist must have guided you.
Daedric energies permeate the swamp, overwhelming the power of the Hist. I tried to commune with the spirits, but you can see from the state of my hut how well that went."
What can I do to help?
"I must perform a ritual of clear sight, but I can't do it alone. I have a potion that must be placed in the ceremonial jars at the base of the stele surrounding the xanmeer.
I'd ask my hunters, but most of them are wounded or fighting the beasts."
I can place the potions.
"It won't be easy. When I tried the simpler version of this ritual, the Daedric force nearly destroyed me. I can't imagine it will allow you to place the components easily.
Be careful in the swamp, especially around the stele."
I'll be careful.

Each ceremonial jar is located at a corner of the xanmeer — that is, the large, ancient Argonian ziggurat — and each is guarded by two or three dremora — generally churls. Kill the dremora, and then interact with the jars to place the potion portions.

Once the task is complete, climb the xanmeer and speak to Nexith there:

"I heard fighting below. Are you all right?"
There were Dremora near the stele.
"Xuth! I should have known. The stench of Oblivion permeates this bog.
You placed the potions, though—I can tell. The miasma around each stele has cleared up, at least temporarily."
So can you perform your ritual?
"Yes, with the power of the ancients behind me, I can discover the exact nature of our enemy. Perhaps then we can discover how to cleanse the swamp of this foulness.
Stand back. This may be dangerous. Talk to me when I'm done."
All right.

Nexith will speak. As he does, rings of green light will form on the ground behind him, and plumes of red light will form a ball around him, shaping into Daedric glyphs.

Nexith: "Spirits of the bog! Creatures of nature!"
Nexith: "Show me your wounds! Reveal your injury!"

He'll then grip his head in pain, and both lights will vanish. Speak to him:

"Namira, I revere thee! Namira, I serve thee!"
What are you saying?
"The Daedric corruption is strong. I was nearly overwhelmed, but at last I've pinpointed the source.
They attack our heart, our soul, our memories—they're attacking our Hist tree. We must free it at once."
What do we have to do?
"I must stay here to keep the Daedra back. Go to the Hist tree, near the center of Xal Ithix.
During my trance, I saw what they did. Namira's minions placed a relic there. It poisons the swamp."
What do I do once I get there?
"Unearth the relic. It's buried at the base of a nearby stele. Once you have it, you'll need to climb the winding road to a tall ritual site that overlooks Xal Ithix.
There, you should be able to use it to stop Namira's minions."

The Hist tree is located to the west of the xanmeer, across a bog; it's easily visible from the xanmeer's peak. Travel to it, and then look for a pillar of stone sheathed in billowing green gas. You'll find a mound of dirt in front of the pillar; interact with it to dig up Namira's Hand.

An Aspect of Namira will appear in front of the pillar, barking, "Mortal worm! Get away from there!" Speak to her:

"You're the mortal who's interfered with my creatures in the bog, aren't you? Don't bother to tell me your name. You won't need it if you continue to trouble me."
Who are you?
"Who am I? You could not hope to comprehend my true nature, filth. Think of me as an aspect of the Lady of Decay and rightful ruler of all spirits.
I claim this land and all within it. None may defy me!"
What about the Argonians who live here?
"Those cold-blooded primitives fell once; they can fall again! I will show them that their 'spirits of the Hist' are pale shadows compared to me.
Now, leave my Hand where it lies. Abandon your foolish quest."
The people of Xal Ithix asked for my help.
"What help can you give them, mortal? I cannot strike you down, but my minions are more than enough for the likes of you.
Even those foolish Hist-worshipers recognize that. They won't even approach this part of Xal Ithix."
One of those "foolish Hist-worshipers" said this relic will affect your minions.
"What? How did he know—
Mortal, if you attempt this, my creatures will overwhelm you! Nothing will stop me from taking Xal Ithix."
We'll see.

To get to the ritual site, you'll have to travel to and through a cave to the north, which is immediately visible from the stone pillar. As you approach the cave, the Aspect of Namira will call out, "Abandon this foolishness, and you may yet live!" A Dremora Kynreeve will appear; kill it, and then fight your way through the churls and narkynaz in the cave.

When you emerge from the cave, you'll see a bridge with two more dremora on the other side. You'll have to kill them to progress, but you can sneak past all dremora after that. When you reach the end of the bridge, turn left: the far end of the rocky cliff edge on your left can be climbed around.

Once you reach the ritual site, speak to the Aspect of Namira, who waits there:

"My lesser minions barely slowed you down. I'm impressed. But you're too late. I've already begun the ritual. Once it ends, my corruption will spread throughout Xal Ithix!"
You forget. I have your hand. I can use it to stop your ritual.
"Only if I give you time to use it!
Come forth, my corruption! Be manifest and destroy this worm!"

Massive creatures built of tree branches — the Manifest Corruption — will appear. You have to kill it, but three dremora (the "Corruptors") are keeping it alive: they're wreathed in blue bubbles of light, and standing in front of stone pillars. Aim at them and approach until you get a button prompt to "use Namira's Hand," and then interact with them. This will cause the Corruptors to disappear, and getting rid of all Corruptors instantly kills the Manifest Corruptions.

Once the corruption is dealt with, the Aspect of Namira will vanish. While you were disrupting the ritual, Tree-Minder Nexith made his way up onto the plateau with you. He's on top of a nearby ruin; speak to him to complete the quest:

"You've done it! Namira's been defeated! Look—the miasma is clearing.
A few Dremora still lurk along the road, but their hold on Xal Ithix is broken."
How did you get here before me?
"When you banished Namira's corruption, you allowed me to reconnect with the Hist throughout Xal Ithix. There is still work to be done, but, thanks to you, we can now complete the cleansing.
Thank you. You will be remembered."

Quest Stages[edit]

Deep Disturbance
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The hunter I met in Xal Ithix says if I want to know what's happening in the swamp, I need to talk to Tree-Minder Nexith in his hut.
Objective: Talk to Tree-Minder Nexith
Tree-Minder Nexith needs my help with some sort of divination ritual. A portion of the ritual potion needs to be placed at each of the steles surrounding the xanmeer, an ancient ziggurat.
Objective: Place Ritual Potion at Northeast Stele
Objective: Place Ritual Potion at Southeast Stele
Objective: Place Ritual Potion at Southwest Stele
Objective: Place Ritual Potion at Northwest Stele
I should meet Tree-Minder Nexith atop its ancient stone temple. He should be able to begin his ritual now.
Objective: Talk to Tree-Minder Nexith
I should ask Tree-Minder Nexith whether his ritual revealed the source of Xal Ithix's problems.
Objective: Talk to Tree-Minder Nexith
Objective: Go to Hist Tree
Corruption surrounds the Hist tree. I need to dig up the Daedric relic nearby and get it away from here.
Objective: Unearth Daedric Relic at the Stele
When I retrieved the artifact, Namira's Hand, the shadowy figure of a Dremora appeared. I better talk to it.
Objective: Talk to Daedra
Tree-Minder Nexith said I should take the relic to a ritual site high above Xal Ithix. The relic may somehow stop Namira's minions from whatever corruption they're performing.
Objective: Go to Ritual Site
Objective Hint: Go through the Cave
The Aspect of Namira is here, along with some Dremora in strange-looking magical bubbles. I should confront her.
Objective: Talk to Aspect of Namira at Ritual Site
Tree-Minder Nexith told me I could use the Hand of Namira to defeat the Dremora. I need to use it to stop the Aspect's ritual and keep corruption from consuming Xal Ithix.
Objective: Disrupt Ritual
☑Finishes quest I stopped Namira's ritual of corruption. I can see Tree-Minder Nexith at the top of a nearby structure. I should go talk to him and see what's next for Xal Ithix.
Objective: Talk to Tree-Minder Nexith